March Madness Open House

Join us for 3 days of madness: March 20-22.

Enjoy complimentary bootcamps, workshops, demos and more! Invite a friend to join you and experience all that your “Best Gym in Chicago” has to offer.

Thursday, March 20
-7:00am: Show The Ropes – Felycia
-5:30pm: Pilates Group Apparatus
-6:00pm: Body Weight Challenge (25 burpees, 25 push up, 50 sit ups for best time)
-7:00pm: Functional Movement Screen

Friday, March 21
-9:00am: Master Your Skill
-5:00pm: Whip Into Shape – Runner Endurance
-6:00pm: ActivTrax
-6:30pm: Pilates for Healthy Pelvis and Back

Saturday, March 22
-10:00am: Self Defense
-11:00am: Basketball Circuit Challenge
-12:00pm: TRX
-12:30pm: Pilates for Posture

*All contest winners will win a prize.