Luann Stockfleth

I am writing to tell you about one of your employees, Luann Stockfleth, whom I think is fabulous. Since I work in the building, I work out around 4x per week around 11 a.m. I am a big advocate of the HIIT class. In every class, Luann is energetic, fun and motivating. She always strives to make classes harder and to push us to new levels. Since joining the gym, I have lost weight, increased my energy level and completed classes and exercises I never thought I could. I also feel like I am part of the gym community and have made friends with people I likely wouldn’t have crossed paths with had I not joined. Overall, I don’t have enough good things to say about FFC and Luann – she is great and she totally makes the gym fun!

I hope every gym has a person like Luann running it, I think this nation would be in much better shape!!!