Luann Stockfleth & Akilah Anderson

I am a member of the health club at the CBOT that is run by FFC staff.  I just wanted to send you a quick note about what a great job the staff is doing.  The promotions the staff have been running this year have been a real hit with members of the club as well as the employees from our company.  We like to promote health in our office and the FFC run club is definitely helping with our company philosophy of promoting a fun and healthy lifestyle.  It really is an incentive to work out when it is more fun and that is the environment that Luann and Akilah have been able to create.  They are always positive and helpful and have been really encouraging with all of the competitions they have been organizing and promoting.  I have met many more of the other club members because of the promotions which also makes the gym a friendlier environment.  I also know the number of employees at our company that have club memberships has grown from 2 to 10 this past year in large part because of the good experience from those working out and the positive environment the club staff promotes.  The regular workout classes offered are always good and the competitions have been a lot of fun and created a comradery among the club members.  The awards ceremony yesterday for the most recent competition was another great idea.  I hope to see them all continue and I look forward to many more workouts.

As a club manager I am sure you get your fair share of complaints so I just wanted to let you know one of the things you definitely got right.  Kudos to you and your staff at FFC!