Luann, Myles, Molly, Jernell

I have been a member for over a year of your club and I wanted to compliment you and your staff for an excellent club, excellent staff and wonderful classes you offer.

All your Staff , Myles included, always make me feel so welcome. Each class is well run, and well balanced for an excellent workout.

Molly’s class, she always takes everyone individual needs into account (There was a pregnant girl in class and Molly went over and checked on her and assisted her for her own comfort).

Jernells class is so motivational and inspiring, and encouraging. He knows how to get you to work out to your maximum capability. He is helpful out of the class room as well, even when I was having an issue with my phone for work out music he took the time to help me with that too.

Myles is always Pleasant, respectful, encouraging and helpful. He takes a concern attitude and does his job very well.

Luann, You run a great club. You are professional and helpful and always friendly and encouraging. It shows by all the people who come to you. Your classes definitely give you a workout that does not compare to others. I truely get a maximum work out in your classes. On the floor, you are always there to help and answer questions.

I left a club that I was a member of since the 80’s and never in all that time, did I get the service that you offer. Yes the club has a pool, sauna,etc, and my dues were only $78 a YEAR but I get more out of your club in the one year than Idid out of the other club in 27 years I was a member there.

Thank you and Thank your staff.