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Fitness Formula Clubs’ six week annual weight loss challenge “Lose to Win” ended on February 23, 2014. We had 583 members participate and the results are in!

The top male and female participant of each club with the highest percentage of weight loss have been determined.

Congratulations to the 2014 Lose to Win champions from each club!

East Lakeview: Russel Orr – 5.08% and Abigail Krug – 4.11%
Gold Coast: Matt Wright – 5.6% and Catherine Hug – 5.75%
Halsted Street: Kevin Turner – 5.43% and Ally Mcconville – 5.00%
Lincoln Park: Tom Skwiat – 2.24% and Megan Stevens – 4.61%
Oak Park: Austin Griffin – 5.86% and Sarah Moore – 0.93%
Old Town: Joel Spears – 3.46% and Emily Eddy – 3.69%
South Loop: Ricardo Zambrano – 3.32% and Kiersten Regelin – 10.69%
Union Station: Ryan Blackwell – 9.81% and Gilyana Lidzheeva – 6.30%
West Loop: Abdullah Eskandar – 6.52% and Denise Maple – 7.44%

The club champions names were entered into a company-wide raffle for a chance to win either 26 sessions, 12 sessions, or 4 sessions of personal or Pilates training.

The lucky raffle winners are:

Russel Orr form East Lakeview won 26 training sessions.

Kiersten Regelin from South Loop won 12 training sessions.

Megan Stevens from Lincoln Park won 4 training sessions.

Thank you to all who participated. Keep up the great work and good luck next year!