Kervin Collier

The FFC 353 Fitness Center is fantastic! The staff is welcoming and the club is always clean and well maintained. Though I have participated in any group classes, I did take advantage of personal training with Kervin Collier. I have been nursing my way back from a year long injury and with Kervin’s help, I was able to build the strength and endurance to get back racing and complete my first long race (13.1) since the 2013 Chicago Marathon. I finished the half and knew that just 6 weeks training with Kervin made an enormous difference. Over that 6 weeks of training, he brought new and innovative exercises to each session which were tailored to my fitness goals and progress. He also provided “PT homework” so that I could keep up with training outside of actual sessions. Not only is Kervin an amazing trainer, but a super awesome guy who really showed an interest in getting to know me so that he could provide an elite level of service. I would highly recommend training with Kervin – just don’t fill up all his available time slots since I hope to work with him again in the coming months as I look towards marathon training 🙂