Joy Miles

East Lakeview

I have been working with personal trainer, Joy Miles, for the last several months. I originally began working with her in the hopes that she would help to fine tune my swimming form for my next half ironman. She certainly did this – I beat by last swim time by ten minutes! But she also served as a general source of information and inspiration for all things triathlon-related during my training program. She helped me out with every aspect of the triathlon – swim, bike, run, transition, gear suggestions, weights and stretches that would help with my training, etc. I had a lot of questions and she never failed to answer me quickly and thoroughly. She was flexible with times when we met up and even met me one day at 4:15am because that was the time that worked best for MY schedule.

I really appreciate the way she had a schedule and a plan for how we would work on each part of my stroke and never failed to provide positive feedback as well as things for me to work on before our next session. She seemed to alter her coaching tactics as we got to know each other in a way that would help me to learn and perform better.

In addition to being an outstanding, positive coach, she is also funny and a pleasure to be with during practice. She asked about my life outside of practice and sent me notes of encouragement whenever I had a race approaching. As I calmly approached the start line of my half ironman, I felt confident and prepared. I know that Joy was a huge part of instilling that confidence during the training process.

Thanks for everything, Joy!! It’s been so fun and EXTREMELY helpful! You ROCK.