Josh Carson

The club in Oak Park had a ton of fantastic amenities, the trainers are very personable, and there was a variety of equipment for any type of workout regiment that I would choose. In addition, the FFC service in general is top quality out of all the gyms I’ve been to, and though it’s not the cheapest membership it’s certainly a fantastic value for what you pay for. And finally, promotions are pretty decent. I signed up last June and received six free consultations with Josh Carson, who is a personable, knowledgable trainer and is clearly very popular with customers. My only complaint about working with him was that he’s so good it’s hard to schedule with him! But that’s a great problem to have. In the time I was with FFC I also was offered spa visits, more consultations, a visit with a dietician, and deals on swim classes. Keep running them!

It is with heavy regret that I must cancel my membership, and I would continue to recommend FFC to anyone in the area who needs to find a gym. In addition if I move back into the area, I will definitely reconsider joining FFC again.