Joe Dankowski

I just wanted to give kudos to trainer Joe Dankowski. Yesterday when I was completing a squat, I immediately felt like I had pulled my hamstring muscle in my right leg. I was so afraid that I hurt myself and that I would be out of commission from working out, which would be the worst thing for me. I asked Joe (who I’ve worked out with in the past) what kind of stretching exercises I could do to work my right leg. He took the time to explain and demonstrate the stretch that would help me with the pulled hamstring. He did this even though he was waiting on his client (thankfully that client was running late).

More importantly than demonstrating the stretch, he took the time to “calm” me down. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for the last 2 years and have lost 120lbs thus far. So the thought of not being able to work out, really frightened me and caused me to panic. Joe knows this about me and he was very calming, reassuring and kind. Just what I needed. So thanks Joe for taking the time to talk with me and to reassure me.

P.S. I’m totally fine and was back on the elliptical this morning.