Jessica Frank

I had been a member of FFC at the West loop for a year and then I stopped since I wasnt regular at all. Then I joined back about four months ago just for the reason of doing some exercise everyday for losing some weight. I never really thought of signing up with any trainer. But then, for some reason I took a chance and signed up for a trainer and had the chance to work with Jessica Frank. First of all, I should say she is an awesome trainer who can take care of someone who is not at all motivated to workout at a gym and also having severe ankle and knee issues, because im in both categories. Since she started training me, I was just not doing my workouts at the gym but im also doing Home DVD exercises after coming back from work which keeps causing me a lot of pain on both knees. She constantly kept advising me not to stress out too much and advised to do modifications instead, for which I followed religiously.
Its been from March 3rd 2014 till today, I have lost about 22 lbs which is for the first time in my life I have achieved something totally different and I feel so great about it. With every training session I did with Jessica so far I started learning more about the different routines, tips about food and diet etc and more about focusing on the exercises that fits my body.
Jessica also gave me a soft ball as a gift, which has helped to ease out the Planter fasciitis problem I have been having on both my feet.
Finally I should say, She is a terrific trainer to work with who can motivate you to get your butt to the gym, no matter what.