Jessica Frank

For almost 2 years I’ve been working with trainer Jessica Frank and I’ve DEFINITELY gotten some amazing results that I never dreamed were even possible.

My initial weight loss goal was 10 pounds. I knew I needed to lose closer to 20 but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. Well…after working with Jessica I’ve now lost 40 POUNDS!

I’m in – without a doubt – the best shape of my life! I’m actually at a weight lighter than what’s on my driver’s license! Several things happened I never thought possible: I have much more muscle definition in my arms, more tone to my legs, and abs screaming to be shown somewhere, sometime when the weather is warmer!

Jessica’s workout plan for me involved lifting heavier weights and with her nutrition knowledge I learned just how important WHAT I eat is to HOW I’m able to attain my weight loss goals.

Friends and family constantly ask me: ‘what are you doing?!’ And I credit my success to 3 things: my trainer (Jessica yeah!), diet changes (ones you can LIVE with NOT ones you’ll follow for 2 months!) and upping my workout routines – in intensity not necessarily number.
I’ve had other trainers but the constant focus that Jessica pays to diet AND exercise – was never there. Most importantly, my workouts are catered to ME. I so look forward to my sessions with her – whether it’s a hard core Pilates routine, a killer upper body workout or leg exercises that have me ‘feeling the burn’ the next day.

Don’t let the fact that she’s cute and blonde fool you – she’s going to kick your butt! I’ve learned so much from her and she has become not only a great teacher but a friend as well.