Javier Gutierrez

I wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone at FFC for my gym experience to date. In particular, I wanted to give my appreciation to my trainer, Javier Gutierrez. It’s not an overstatement to say that he has really changed my life for the better. I’m sure he’d be an excellent trainer under any circumstances, but my case has been special. Last year, I was recovering from a very difficult cancer treatment. (Successful, thankfully.) I had been quite active before my illness, but had not been able to work out for around three years. I decided to join a gym to get back into exercising regularly. I was lucky enough to connect with Javier.

The process of getting back into shape went much more quickly than I expected. Javier was patient with my physical limitations. He never rushed me, but he didn’t allow me to slack off either! With his encoragment, I found I could go farther in my workouts than I would have expected. I also had fun. I learned good workout habits and posture, built up strength and flexibility, and become much more confident. It may sound like I’m exaggerating, but the truth is that I went from being kind of weak and unhelthy to being healthier than I probably ever have been.

So thanks to FFC for having someone like Javier on staff. He’s awesome.