Jameela Chaudhry

As a a mom of young kids, I needed a gym where my children would be safe so I could be at peace. I didn’t think any gym would meet my standards, but when I saw the FFC Kids Club at Lincoln Park, I was impressed with the space, professionalism, and security. Now when I work out at the gym, it’s daily, and my kids run to play with the toys and the helpers who genuinely care and create games and crafts that keep them joyful. It’s been wonderful for all of us!

I was so impressed with Jameela as a personal trainer. She was creative, empowering, and professional. Each session she had a plan that kept me interested and targeted exactly what I needed. She clearly listened and had the knowledge to help me follow through. In just a few sessions, I felt stronger, more balanced and confident in my workout, expectations, and navigating the unique equipment to give me the results I need. Now, I’ve been recommending her and the gym to people in my community.