Jack Bauer

Dear Jason:

In customer-service businesses like yours, it’s all too often that customers go out of their way to make note of the negative.

I’m writing for the opposite reason. I want you to know how thoroughly impressed my wife Lisa and I are with your facility, your team, and in particular, one young Personal Trainer Mr. Jack Bauer.

Lisa and I are of the age and physical condition where we were truly concerned about our health and knew that we had to do something while there’s still time. We cannot tell you how intimidated and out-of-place we felt walking into a gym to sign up on May 10th.

We’re not in a strong financial position at the moment and it meant a lot to us that you and Zeke were able to offer us the 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge program at no charge on the front end. We’re particularly grateful for the limited complimentary Personal Trainer services that came with our membership.

Jack Bauer got us off to a welcoming and great start. Jack immediately made us feel comfortable and like we knew we’d made a fantastic decision. We were inspired by Jack’s own story of weight loss. With his genuine concern and encouragement, we decided right then and there that we can do this. Lisa and I are doing this as a team. A little over a month in, we’ve both dropped about 15 pounds and are on the path to where we know we can be.

Lisa and I will never forget Jack’s words on our first meeting, May 11th. “You can definitely do this. The transformation begins!” Jack was right. We can do this. It’s happening right now. And it will change our lives.

You have an awesome employee in Jack Bauer, Jason, and we want you to know how profoundly he’s impacted the lives of two people who seriously needed some help and encouragement.

From Jack Bauer, to Zeke Sprague, to the smiling faces who greet us at the front desk, to the guy with the beard and the heavy black glasses who works tirelessly to keep the place in great shape, you have a team to be truly proud of. We’re grateful for all that they do.

Lisa’s an international flight attendant and sees people going out of their way to point out the negative every time she goes to work.

We want to say something completely different: Thank you!

Kind regards