How to Stick to Your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions


Resolution  (res·o·lu·tion) noun:  a formal expression of opinion or intention.

As the definition of the word implies, it’s easy to let your New Year’s resolutions become New Year’s intentions instead. We’re here to tell you that’s not going to happen this year. Here are 3 of the easiest things to remember to stick to those 2016 promises:

Hire a Personal Trainer:

Workout partner, accountabilibuddy, fitness friend – those are great motivaters to keep yourself accountable. Hiring a personal trainer takes the benefits of a gym buddy to a whole different level. Education,  technique instruction, motivator – a personal trainer can provide all these benefits and more.

Eat Healthier:

It’s easy to intend on eating healthier. But when you try to put it into practice, making diet changes can be overwhelming. Throw work, your commute or even trying to get to the gym into the mix and you barely have time to eat, let alone eat healthy. Our Nutrition Solutions program will give you the tools you need in the simplest way possible to make the change. As they say, success starts in the kitchen.

Take Time to Relax:

If there’s anything to take away from recent medical studies, one of the most prominent is that stress is not healthy and can wreak havoc on a number of different aspects of your life. Make it a point to take time for yourself this year. Melt away stress and improve all kinds of aspects of your health with massage and other treatments!