Hit the Hot Tub?

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a soak in the hot, swirling water of FFC’s whirlpool spas. Hot water can make the muscles and joints feel great. The pressure of the jets can help unwind that knotted muscle; what could feel better? However, how and when you use whirlpools is very important, as they can sometimes be dangerous. If you have just finished a grueling workout with one of our trainers, or spent 60 minutes on a Stepmill, should you jump right in the hot tub? Absolutely not! Your body cannot cool itself when it is immersed in water hotter than body temperature. If you plan to use the whirlpool after exercising, allow plenty of time for your body to cool down. Don’t keep your entire body immersed for long periods. Instead keep your upper body out of the tub the majority of the time so your system can dispel excess heat. Lastly, please remember to always rinse off in the shower before entering the whirlpool. Relax and enjoy!