Gume Diaz

So often times we experience a member’s not-so-pleasant experience to perhaps improve or change a certain aspect of our operations. It’s always a pleasure when one provides us with a thoughtful, positive statement – one that I wanted to share with you all….

Little background…. I hired Gume’ Diaz as our housekeeper full-time in 2010. I’m not sure how long he has with us as he’s approaching in his mid 60’s – retirement may be nearby? His eyes are very weak, glaucoma in both and recent surgery. He is one determined human being and I admire his strength (his relatives have lived to well over 100 years old). Great human being and committed employee.

He doesn’t travel well due to his current situation so unfortunately is not up to the task to sub at other clubs.

It’s nice to hear a positive thought… thanks for reading.. 🙂