Green Smoothies!

27-green-smoothies-best-chicago-lose-weight-fast-gymBefore I became a dietitian and fully understood exactly what my body needed to thrive, I would crave coffee the instant I woke up.  I relied on caffeine to help power me through my morning.  However, what my body really needed was vitalizing nutrients.  While I am still an avid coffee drinker (it provides numerous health benefits!), my morning health routine has changed quite a bit… and for the better.  Now I wake up with nourishing green smoothies.

Here are a few reasons why:

Dark, leafy greens have so few calories, yet are so nutrient dense. They are your richest food source of magnesium (Mg) and sadly, 95% of us Americans are deficient in this mighty mineral. What will magnesium do for you?

  1. Enhance your energy levels and allow you to get through your day with ease: Mg is responsible for over 400 pathways converting the food we eat into energy.
  2. Relieve your anxiety: Mg is known as the ultimate “chill pill” to ease stress, anxiety and irritability.
  3. Greens give you mental clarity: Chlorophyll purifies the blood for more efficient nutrient transportation while alkaline minerals allow “the goods” to circulate to the brain so you can think more clearly and be on the ball.
  4. Fiber-rich greens allow you to get the most out of your food: Fiber aids in digestion. You need to properly digest your food in order to absorb the nutrients in the super-foods you eat.
  5. Greens naturally cleanse and detoxify. See ya later, detox diets!

Leafy greens are also packed with fantastic folate. Folate is:

  1. Anti-aging: Magnificent Methylation. Folate is a “methylator,” allowing all of the methyl-dependent reactions to occur in the body. By drinking “methyls” you essentially allow your body to perform at its full capability. Lets stay forever young, shall we?
  2. A preventative: Folate reduces homocysteine, a biomarker for heart disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  3. Mood-boosting: Sufficient folate intake is linked to an improved mood.

As if you even needed yet another reason to indulge… Greens bestow amazing antioxidant power.

  1. Antioxidants help neutralize free-radicals in your body, fending off chronic inflammation (the leading cause of diseases).
  2. Antioxidants have collagen-creating properties that also give you a dewy radiance and allow you to glow from the inside out. Green smoothies are natural beautifiers!

Honor your body and give it what it needs to thrive. Make green smoothies part of your morning health routine. With consistency, gulping these glorious greens will take your mornings to a whole new level. I promise… your body will be craving this healthy habit more so than that cup of joe.

Reach out to your Registered Dietitian, Jessica Dogert RD, LDN, CPT at for simple, nourishing green smoothie recipes.