Gold Coast

Hi Larry,

This email is actually a few weeks overdue and I wanted to make sure to rectify my error.

Several weeks ago, after being at the Gold Coast location since April 11th (when I “officially” started my workouts as part of the Northwestern Cardiac Rehabilitation program), I almost immediately encountered Dwayne. He is one of your staff members that appears to help with tasks around the club (cleaning, assisting in the locker room and so on). He’s just been such a great guy.

Specifically, he represented the the chain with enthusiasm and lots of information that led me to realize that you had a few conveniently located gyms that I might care to use. He also impressed me with his hard work and diligence to getting things done. Such a wonderful presence to see around the gym. It really impressed me that he had so much great knowledge of the clubs and information that was truly appreciated.

There was also a wonderful individual named “Rayna” who was just a ray of sunshine (no pun intended, honesty 🙂 ). She had a warm and genuine greeting when she was in the gym/accessories area. She really just stood out from your average staff member. I do have to say that I have not encountered her since then and truly hope she is still with your group of clubs. She is definitely someone worth investing in and nurturing in this area of working with and engaging customers.

Last, but certainly not least, the club manager – Barbara. She’s been such a positive force in all that she does. I love her energy and commitment to providing the best experience possible to all club members. It really is a treat to see her and to have a chance to experience her welcoming presence and sparkle. She definitely seems to set the tone for how to treat club members. The art of customer service is not lost on her and the two wonderful folks I named above.

Other mentions:

Shell Neal. I am sure you realize how awesome her energy and presence is and that’s why she is in the role she is. She signed me up for phase 3 and was just such an incredibly cool force and a wonderful ambassador for the club.

There is a gentlemen that I see often at the front desk. He’s got dark hair (blackish) and wears a goatee. I am going to get his name tomorrow. I have seen him quite a bit over the last few months and ALWAYS a great smile and welcoming energy. I feel badly that I did not get his name but will pass that on. Truly a nice guy to have at the front desk.

I specifically asked to receive the details of the person that I could send this email to and that is how I ended up with your email address, Larry. I am a Quality Analyst for the company I work for (in the area of CS). It is not only a passion of mine but I truly appreciate when I am treated with such care and appreciation (as a customer). These are things that seem to be getting lost in our day and age, I am afraid. However, these staff members are wonderful and should be acknowledged for exhibiting great customer care that defies my overall impressions of this general trend I noted!

Larry, I have worked out at quite a few other clubs in my time and these folks are the first group to ever inspire me to want to write a letter/email like this. Truly a good group of folks. They should be recognized for the great job they do in making people feel appreciated at FFC GC.