Frank Kuchta

Prior to joining FFC, my fitness level, having run a few marathons, was rather standard. Save for running on a treadmill, I kept no gym routine and had never worked-out in a formal gym setting. My goal in hiring a Personal Trainer was to improve my marathon time and to best position myself for completing a triathlon. As such, core strengthening and swimming technique were the primary focus.

Firstly, Frank took the intimidation out of building a work-out program. In both core and pool workouts, Frank balanced between being congratulatory and demanding more of my performance. Secondly, Frank would explain the applicability of a specific workout routine (e.g., catch-up drills in the pool to improve arm extension). Lastly, Frank would adjust routines to accommodate my performance, increasing or decreasing intensity in light of my ability to complete a specific exercise.

On a personal note, Frank has been incredibly personable. There have never been aggressive sales tactics, but simple reminders to schedule appointments when I fall ‘off the bandwagon’. As a result, my swimming technique has improved and I recently was able to PR in the New York City Marathon, despite a hilly course and 20mph headwinds for the majority of the race.

Frank is the type of trainer FFC should highlight. My experience working with Frank speaks to the value-add of a Personal Trainer, as opposed to going at it by one’s self.