FFC West Loop

I couldn’t really say better things about the overall experience I have had at the gym thus far. I have only been a member for about a month, but I really enjoyed the 4 personal training classes and the other perks they give you when you first join. They truly seem invested in helping you get your enrollment fee back too which is a great thing. I love the variety and the intensity in the classes they offer. There are people of all ability in them taking it as they need to, but you walk out feeling great. The instructors are so energetic and they really push you to do the best you can. My personal trainer was very kind. He listened to what I had to say and was focused on helping me in the ways I requested. I honestly would have signed up for more training classes, but the group fitness classes are so amazing I feel like I can’t pass up the opportunity to use them which is included in the membership fee, unlike the personal training. Overall I am very pleased. I have only spent time at the West Loop gym, but I have heard great things about the other gyms as well. I am very happy that I joined FFC.