Drew Lyneis

Drew is awesome.  Very friendly, knowledgeable and motivating.  I’d recommend him to any friends who can benefit from a personal trainer.

Kim Fine

I have been doing Personal Training sessions with Kim and I’m loving them! She’s been great fun to work out with and pushes me to do a hard workout! I’m looking forward to running a stronger marathon this fall because of her help with all my resistance work!

Steven Smathers

I’m currently in training with Steven Smathers and wanted to comment on how great he is at providing guidance and support during my training sessions.  I’m 41 and a novice at working out, so I really appreciate his knowledge and expertise in this transition for me.  He is a great asset for FFC. And last…thanks for providing a great environment, I’m’ really enjoying it.

Jason Gedvilas & Rich Sitnik

In collaboration, Jason Gedvilas’ personal training and Rich Sitnik’s massage have helped tremendously with my fitness regime.  Both are assets to the Club!

Princess Greenwood

Princess is always on time and she very good to me since I am Deaf and rely on lip reading. Also overall staff are so friendly and nice to me and I feel great being around them. Love and feel so energize and always want go back gym so been going there 6x a week to workout.