Brandon Kiraly & Zara Espinoza

Brandon and Zara both made me feel very comfortable with personal training, and are incredibly encouraging. I really feel like I’m going to be able to make my goals with their help. I look forward to the sessions every week!

Jeff Calderone

Jeff did a great job!

Stephen Vavul

Stephen is an amazing trainer and I really enjoy working with him. I bought more session and plan on buying more.

Keri Luce

Keri did a great job.  I was mostly interested in nutrition guidance and bmi. Keri put that all together for me and emailed me all the numbers.  Keri was not pushy for me to get a trainer.  She understood that I am very familiar with gyms and working out and treated me as such.   I greatly appreciated that.   She gave me exactly what I was looking for….

Ricky Failla

I can’t begin to tell you how awesome Ricky has been/is. Super easy to work with and a total asset to your org and also those eucalyptus towels are a MAJOR +! Keep up the great job!

Robert Topp

I was skeptical about the consultation in the first place, but Rob was very respectful and knowledgeable, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Melissa Olenik

Melissa has been wonderful and an overall great leader with personal training. She is very knowledgable about workouts and offers a great deal of support for myself to become acclimated to the gym again. She is very professional, on time to appointments, confirmation e-mails and responds very quickly with any questions. Fantastic trainer!

Mike Spearman

Mike was the man. He was very professional, encouraging, and fun to exercise with. If I end up signing up for classes, it will be because of him 🙂

Josh Carson

Joshua Carson was excellent!  I had a very positive experience working with him.

Allan Feldt

Hi – I wanted to pass on my appreciation for Allan Feldt, who brings enthusiasm, skill and genuine interest in the members of his swim session at FFC Union Station on Wednesday mornings. He’s engaged with everyone at the pool and has a talent for helping people improve and gain confidence and speed in their swims and triathlons.

He’s a credit to FFC and a great coach.

Thanks Allan!

Josh Carlson

The free personal training sessions on the equipment is key. I wouldn’t know what to do, had I not had that help getting started. I can’t tell you how important that has been to making me comfortable starting out. It’s a terrific part of the program and because there are a few sessions, it makes it even better. I don’t think I would be comfortable going on my own had I not had that help.

Melissa & Mikey

Well first off, I would like to thank Mikey who signed me up with FFC!!! He was extremely helpful and is always friendly. Next, I signed up for some personal training sessions with Melissa and she is doing an amazing job with getting me in shape. She is motivating and really has a passion for what she does. This FFC is really an amazing facility and I love how approachable and friendly everyone is. Thank you FFC!

Victor Nunez

Victor did a very thorough assessment during the new member consultation. He addressed areas to improve upon and suggested workouts that I could do individually.

Ross Oberlin

Ross did a great job. As a female I was comfortable. Being a little out of shape, I didn’t feel judged.  He was knowledgeable and great at explaining everything. Plus the workouts were killer! If I had the money I would definitely go back to him. Thanks for the opportunity to work with him.

Emmanuel Sally

I have been working with Emmanuel and he has been super responsive in helping me, and has been great with my training sessions.  He is truly a benefit to your club and to my training and getting in shape.  I have enjoyed the club so far.</strong>

Grace Boutan

Grace was extremely helpful and I would recommend her to any new member. I am taking additional personal training sessions with her as I run through Activtrax and track my progress.

Grace Boutan

Grace was wonderful! I don’t think I’ll ever want to work with another personal trainer because they probably just won’t meet the high standards she’s set. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable  provides a good workout, supportive, nonjudgmental, makes the client feel comfortable. Never let her go!

Grace Boutan

Grace was pleasant, professional without being pushy about workouts. As a new member, I certainly appreciated that.

Adeniyi Adesokan

I am writing to let you know how pleased I was with Personal Trainer Adeniyi “Nee” Adesokan. I had the desire to get in shape and tone up but was quite intimidated by the equipment and had no idea where to start. Adeniyi was very understanding of this and guided me through each step of how to use the machines, making it a breeze instead of a challenge. He was knowledgeable and patient, answering any questions I had without making it seem like I was asking something silly. He gave great feedback on where I needed to improve and encouragement when I did something correctly. He’s also got a great sense of humor and made the workout fun. Most importantly, he guided and motivated me through a workout that I would never have done or thought I could do on my own. I now feel more confident to do the workout he planned on my own. I think Adeniyi is one of your greatest assets.

Kendra Neff

Kendra is wonderful. She really listened to me talk about my fitness goals and made an excellent program so far based on that. I was not planning on purchasing any more PT sessions, but she explained the gift card promo that is going on and I did not want to stop working with Kendra so purchased more sessions. Very satisfied

Jeff Kurysz

I’ve had several personal training sessions with Jeff. He has been a great trainer – very energetic, very focused on helping me get results, and pushes me when I don’t feel I have anything left to give.  I’ve been very happy working with him so far.  Kudos to Jeff!

Melissa Troyk

Melissa is the best!  I hope that once I get my initial fee back, I can use it for more personal training sessions with her.

Kim Fine

Kim was an amazing warm welcome to the club. Very glad to have met her and enjoying the gym already.

Dan Capparelli

Dan was great and very helpful.

Marquez Kincade

LOVE Marquez, so great working out with him that I recommended my boyfriend to him so we could work out together.  We’re both 100% satisfied.

Lesley Ladlad

Lesley is wonderful.  She came over to help me yesterday even though it wasn’t a day that we were scheduled to meet.

Josh Zaffino

Josh is great. He explains things very well and he is very easy to work with.

Ross Oberlin

Ross is great; he’s professional and passionate about personal training / fitness, so much so that it’s contagious. I’ve been learning so much from him, and I’m so glad I joined FFC and have had to opportunity to work with him.

Janell Arroyo

Janell is great!  She’s always very encouraging and positive.

Koray Tarhan

Koray was professional and wasn’t too salesy, but gave me great advice.

Adeniyi Edoskan

Niyi told me that since I was not planning on having a personal trainer I should take some fitness classes. The classes that he recommended were classes that I had not planned on trying out. After he told me to attend them for my benefit I’m happy he did. I absolutely love Fitcore and Critical Mass. Those are 2 of the 3 classes I have tried. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make it to a Chisel class. My new favorite class is Fitkick. All of the classes are great and I hate when I have to miss one. In addition, Activetrax is amazing. The workouts are short yet very effective.  I’m super stoked that I signed up at FFC!

Chloe Watson

Chloe’s great and I’ll be taking advantage of the 3 sessions for $150 so I can get in some more training with her.

Dillian Falbe

Dillian is a great PT and has met all of my expectations so far.

Zach Feldmeir

Zach is great! I looked forward to coming in and working out with him. He made working out fun again. He has a good spirit and attitude. He’s very encouraging and knows his stuff!

Matt Banchak

Matt has done a fantastic job and is a great resource.

Lindsay Sarvari

I’m working with Lindsay and just signed up for 3 additional personal training sessions with her.  She is great and has a wide variety of different exercises that make it fun to work out but you feel the change!

Tess Cruz

Tess Cruz is AMAZING!  She listens and is able to challenge me while building confidence at the same time.  She’s knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.  Her attitude is fantastically contagious. My praises all day long to Tess!!!

Brian Plass

Brian is a terrific trainer. In addition to being responsive to my goals and asking smart questions that made me think critically about my own fitness and habits, he immediately made me feel at ease, all while keeping the session challenging and fun. If Brian is any indication of the larger pool of trainers at FFC, then I would enthusiastically recommend this gym to friends and colleagues.

Nick Shea

I am using Activtrax and like it, very helpful and easy to follow. I am also scheduling sessions with Nick and find he is very professional and motivating.

Marcus Summers

Marcus Summers was great:  knowledgeable, responsive, and courteous.  He demonstrated skills in areas in which I am interested (boxing and workout routines that don’t just revolve around machines).  In the near future I hope to train more with him.