Josh Zaffino

Josh is great. He explains things very well and he is very easy to work with.

Ross Oberlin

Ross is great; he’s professional and passionate about personal training / fitness, so much so that it’s contagious. I’ve been learning so much from him, and I’m so glad I joined FFC and have had to opportunity to work with him.

Janell Arroyo

Janell is great!  She’s always very encouraging and positive.

Koray Tarhan

Koray was professional and wasn’t too salesy, but gave me great advice.

Adeniyi Edoskan

Niyi told me that since I was not planning on having a personal trainer I should take some fitness classes. The classes that he recommended were classes that I had not planned on trying out. After he told me to attend them for my benefit I’m happy he did. I absolutely love Fitcore and Critical Mass. Those are 2 of the 3 classes I have tried. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make it to a Chisel class. My new favorite class is Fitkick. All of the classes are great and I hate when I have to miss one. In addition, Activetrax is amazing. The workouts are short yet very effective.  I’m super stoked that I signed up at FFC!

Chloe Watson

Chloe’s great and I’ll be taking advantage of the 3 sessions for $150 so I can get in some more training with her.

Dillian Falbe

Dillian is a great PT and has met all of my expectations so far.

Zach Feldmeir

Zach is great! I looked forward to coming in and working out with him. He made working out fun again. He has a good spirit and attitude. He’s very encouraging and knows his stuff!

Matt Banchak

Matt has done a fantastic job and is a great resource.

Lindsay Sarvari

I’m working with Lindsay and just signed up for 3 additional personal training sessions with her.  She is great and has a wide variety of different exercises that make it fun to work out but you feel the change!

Tess Cruz

Tess Cruz is AMAZING!  She listens and is able to challenge me while building confidence at the same time.  She’s knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.  Her attitude is fantastically contagious. My praises all day long to Tess!!!

Brian Plass

Brian is a terrific trainer. In addition to being responsive to my goals and asking smart questions that made me think critically about my own fitness and habits, he immediately made me feel at ease, all while keeping the session challenging and fun. If Brian is any indication of the larger pool of trainers at FFC, then I would enthusiastically recommend this gym to friends and colleagues.

Nick Shea

I am using Activtrax and like it, very helpful and easy to follow. I am also scheduling sessions with Nick and find he is very professional and motivating.

Marcus Summers

Marcus Summers was great:  knowledgeable, responsive, and courteous.  He demonstrated skills in areas in which I am interested (boxing and workout routines that don’t just revolve around machines).  In the near future I hope to train more with him.

Sarah Solovy

Sarah made me feel immediately comfortable and understanding of my trepidation with working out. She has made my visits to the gym something to look forward to and it’s really great to have someone in my corner and taking an interest in my reaching my fitness goals. Cannot say enough positive things about her ability to have the workouts explained and she is always aware of what areas may be difficult etc. I look forward to taking my fitness seriously now and feel more comfortable with each visit.

Michele Freiburg

Michele was fantastic. She is kind and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She showed that she was genuinely interested in my fitness goals, she listened and asked me questions to understand what I was interested in. Very positive and knowledgeable. She followed up via email with me on questions I had. Thanks Michelle for getting me excited to get fit again!

Sarah Solovy

Sara over exceeded my expectations.  My husband and I have purchased training sessions with Sara and Dylan and we are extremely satisfied with both trainers.  After 2 weeks with Sara, I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have in my 44 years of life.

Shawnie Bray

Shawnie is amazing and I feel so fortunate that she is the person pushing me to reach my goals.  Kevin was also wonderful to work with when signing up.

Pat Charette

Pat was great. He really considered my training experience and created sessions that were new and challenging for me. I appreciated that tremendously. Pat also has an upbeat, nonstop attitude that is motivational, entertaining and makes the workouts fly by. Thanks Pat!

Doug Skillman

Doug is great and really courteous. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Ashley Osmond

Ashley was fantastic.  She was very focused in hearing about my own personal fitness goals and tailoring a program to my specific needs.  Prior to meeting with Ashley, I was a bit apprehensive about my fitness consultation, but I walked away grateful for the experience.

Lindsey Barton

I loved the training sessions and hope to purchase a package to continue working out with Lindsey!

Matt Havlik

Matt was great during the initial consult. I decided to use him as my trainer, which has been working out extremely well.

Rich Fray

I’ve worked with a number of trainers at several clubs over the years. Rich is easily the best of the bunch. He was quick to spot my areas of greatest strength and weakness and has tailored workouts to help me make immediate progress toward my fitness goals. His confident but low-key approach is a perfect fit. He’s knowledgeable but not trying to impress anyone…does his job and makes every repetition in the workout count.

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas was a great instructor and I really appreciated his input on what weights I should be using and how to use them properly.

Melissa Olenik

She was very thorough, answered my questions and gave me suggestions of classes which would fit into my training.  The mini-p.t. session was excellent too.

Brian Cuellar

I can not make any negative comment because I have none. Brian is my fitness professional and I’m planning to keep working with him for a long time. Great facility.

Melissa Olenik

Melissa was great. I’m looking forward to working out with her.

Dan Capparelli

Danny Capparelli is a great personal trainer–he goes above and beyond to switch up your workout to make it fun and engaging and to help you achieve your goals.  I highly recommend him!

Noelle Schlanger

Noelle is great. Overall, I’m super impressed with FFC so far.

Katie England

Katie is great! I also worked with Jacob in the pilates studio and he is also amazing. Everyone had been super nice and very helpful.

Lindsey Barton

Lindsey at FFC Gold Coast was amazing!! I’d recommend her to any new clients.

Ross Oberlin

Ross was very attentive to my fitness goals. He understood them and assured me that he can design a program that will help me meet my goals. I was beyond satisfied with my initial meeting and am very much anticipating the PT sessions

Lindsey Barton

Lindsey is amazing!

Ryan Zaffino

Ryan’s great, love the new membership.

Danny Capparelli

Danny is great!!

Scott Alfultis

Scott is great! I’ve had five personal training sessions with him so far, and I couldn’t be happier. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and he pushes me just the right amount. I’m very happy with my progress so far, and I’m glad to have him as my personal trainer.

Matt Banchak

I have been a member less than a month, but I love it. It’s been great, I feel that Matt is committed to helping me reach my goals. The cleanliness, location and staff make me feel welcomed and motivated.

Drew Lyneis

Drew was very courteous and understanding about my knee problems, he asked me a lot of questions about my condition and medication which gave me the impression that FFC is a stellar and professional organization. Drew taught me a lot about working out and gave me important info on the machines and how they work. Ginia I have to say was excellent as well when I became a member, she really sold me on the idea of joining because I was thinking about Xport Fitness, after speaking with her I didn’t even think of Xport any more. Thank You for your knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff. I have recommended all my friends and family.

Ben De La Chapelle

With my only previous gym weight training coming a long time ago in high-school Ben was great helping re-introduce me to the gym setting. I joined the gym primarily to train in the pool but because of Ben will now utilize all that FFC has to offer including personal training sessions.