FFC South Loop

Clean & well maintained machines (and plenty of them), friendly/knowledgeable/helpful staff, great locker rooms, location, hours — all fantastic

South Loop

My name is Kevin and I absolutely love this gym. I have never been happier at a gym before. The staff up front is great, the trainers are super friendly and knowledgeable and the membership staff goes above and beyond for the members. I have told many friends about this gym but words can not truly express how happy I am to be a member. I used to go to X Sport on State and 9th and I hated life but now I am back at 5/7 days a week at the gym and working harder then ever. Thank you!

Igor Melnik

I am writing to share about a portion of my personal training session tonight with Igor Melnik that stood out to me and made me realize what a great gym I belong to. A gym with excellent staff and trainers who go above and beyond in their daily tasks.   I have been training Igor for almost a year now.  We were on the last circuit of the evening and all 7 exercises were in reps of 49. I questioned Igor on why he chose 49 instead of 50 to make it an even amount.  Igor responded with “This is a dedication circuit for the 49 victims that lost their lives in Orlando.” It was a small act implemented into his clients workout to pause and honor those victims in a unique way.  It made me realize and do those 7 exercises not only for myself, but for those 49 individuals and their families. Let me tell you, those 49 reps of each exercise were the best I have ever done of certain ones. It was a great way to end tonight’s workout. FFCs staff is truly does go above and beyond for not only their clients, but for the community. Thank you.

FFC Union Station

I want to commend the ladies that work in the locker rooms and cleaning the machines… front lobby etc.
Everytime I go, they are hard at work and very friendly and welcoming….Every time I have needed assistance with anything in the showers.. or even when I absentmindedly forget which locker I used that day, they are more than happy to help me. At Union Station I have encountered nothing but diligent and kind service from the three ladies.

Barrett, Michele, Tanya, Tyrus!

I loved everything about this club. Barrett has always been helpful anytime I’ve ever asked anything of him.
Jeff is awesome and always says hello any time i’m there.
The volleyball league has grown from nothing to a great league with Michele’s leadership.
I’m pretty sure Tanya gives the best massages in the world, but I’m not entirely sure… it’s pretty close.
Tyrus is by far the best trainer i’ve ever come across.
I’ll definitely miss everything about this gym, and I’m sad to leave.

Angelina Iovino

I have been training with Angelina for about six weeks. She is a great personal trainer – very knowledgeable and fun. The front staff are very professional and friendly. I like that the gym is always clean and the equipment is always in good working condition. It is an excellent facility with very good staff.

FFC East Lakeview

Staff is always professional, everybody at the desk always says hello ” how are you doing, enjoy your workout” making you feel welcomed into the club, and when you walk out after your workout desk staff try to make a point to say goodbye to you when you walk out. You might think this is so small but it really makes a big difference, making you glad you came.

FFC Union Station

Super clean facility which is extremely important to me. Friendly courteous staff. Equipment is up to date, latest machines. Great location, views of downtown. Guests are respectful as well, dedicated to working out VS socializing as I have seen in other gyms.

FFC West Loop

I have been a member at other gyms before and I think FFC is the best gym membership I’ve had. The price is a little steep (I am an orange member) but I frequent the West Loop location and love the outdoor pool. Also, I have never had to wait for a machine and I tend to go at the busiest times (5:30pm on a weekday). I also always have space to do my own weight workouts. There are many classes, I sadly do not join the classes but the ones that I have been to I have enjoyed.

FFC Halsted Street

FFC Halsted provides high quality equipment and classes in a clean and comfortable setting. Most importantly, there is a strong sense of community and friendliness at FFC Halsted.

FFC South Loop

The entire staff is amazing and I’ve had some great experiences with the trainers. I have recommended 3 people and two of them have join the gym.

FFC East Lakeview

What I can share with others is that my experience at FFC East Lakeview has a profound effect on my quality of life. The club has plenty of equipment to use for those who prefer that type of exercise, but it is the group classes which impress me the most. The classes are thoughtful concepts which provide a well rounded fitness regimen to members who like to work in groups. The years I have been a member those classes for the most part been led by high quality instructors/trainers who seem to enjoy their work. It’s reassuring to feel the instructor is skilled and personable. The hydro-fit classes are the home base for my fitness regimen and over the years regular attendance has aided in improving my physical fitness, changing my appearance, and boosting my emotional well being. Also, it is a bonus that the club is very conveniently located for many residents of East Lakeview. Walking distance from home is a huge factor in attendance. This is something I include in the discussion when inviting people who live near me to the club.

FFC Oak Park

Great facility. Good staff. Friendly atmosphere great food. Yoga teachers. Very clean and well maintained. Feel like it’s my second home

FFC West Loop

love FFC! I already did recommend you to all of my coworkers. We try to get there as often as possible for the positive environment, great classes, plentiful equipment, and clean facilities. Thanks!

FFC Halsted Street

Love this gym! The classes are great and staff is friendly. Also Derek, one of the massage therapists, is amazing!

Keith Kimble and Rebecca Faria

Amazing instructors – Keith Kimble and Rebecca Faria are my favorites!

Lincoln Park

FFC is a great gym for several reasons:
-I love that the gym is big and I never have to wait in line to use the equipment
-There are a ton of great classes to choose from, I especially love Antonio’s Chisel class on Monday nights
-The trainers and class instructors are great
-There is a pool and a sundeck
-The online app makes it really easy to see what classes are being offered on any particular day. I also like the search options based on location or instructor
-Membership includes 2 hours of free garage parking so I never have to worry about finding a spot on the street
-The locker room is big and pretty clean

Halsted Street

Love the location. Staff is always friendly. The place is super clean. Makes you feel like you belong.

Nate Levitt

My trainer, Nate Levitt, is what keeps me coming back. First, he listened to my fitness objectives and makes them happen at every session. He pushes me, but appreciates my boundaries as well. And amazingly personable and friendly.

Greg Robbins

In all of the gyms I have been to, none compare to FFC due to the facilities, atmosphere and trainers. My girlfriend and I have been training with Greg for a year and it was the best health decision we ever made. The best thing about Greg is that he works with us on our own individual and specific goals, yet switches up each workout to keep it interesting and challenging. Each week, I look forward to my session with Greg not only because of the workout, but also to spend time with a great individual. Moreover, because of all of the equipment at FFC Lincoln Park, there are endless options in each of our sessions.. I recommend FFC to all of my friends and anyone who just moved to the city, and also urge them to train with Greg!

Jessica Frank

This is well overdue – Jessica Frank is my trainer. I started with her when I joined the club in 2014, but I didn’t get serious about the whole thing until February of 2015. I started taking all of the group Pilates classes I could. I try to get in a weekly 1:1 session with Jessica and the TRX, the kettlebells, the weights, and whatever other “torture” J she has devised for me that week.
I recently saw a doctor I had gone to around the same time (Feb). I have lost about 30 pounds since that last visit. I also uncovered an old set of measurements. I have lost about 4 inches each from my bust, waist, and hips. I have also lost a bunch of old aches and pains (hip pain from a high school sport’s injury, upper back pain from working at a desk …). I’m really quite pleased to be rid of all these things.
I’ve also looked into the literature about plant-based diets based on her suggestions (e.g., Forks Over Knives). My husband and I have made pretty significant changes there as well, and we both feel much better for it.
I still have some work to do, my weight still isn’t quite where it should be. But the change over the last year has been massive considering my past attempts. And it has been lasting, as the weight has come off … it has been staying off.
Jessica has made a tremendous difference. I can’t thank her or recommend her enough. I look forward to working out with her!

Union Station

The club is a mainstay for anyone like me who wants to live a healthy life. I have gotten 10 years younger since I joined 10 years ago! The staff is uniformly friendly and responsible. The facilities are excellent and kept very clean. Not sure how you manage to do that,,, US ffc is a living miracle! Thanks for all you do!

Skip Chapman

I have been working out at FFC Gold Coast for about 8 months now. It is by far one of the best gyms in Chicago! It has everything and more that an exercise enthusiast needs. Great staff, the BEST trainers, and always clean.

I hurt my back while squatting a couple months ago. This was an old lacrosse injury that has flared up in the past. When it would flare up in the past, I would not be able to workout for a period of 4 weeks, while attending formal Physical Therapy sessions 3 times a week. Working out and staying healthy is a huge part of my life and not being able to do this for 4 weeks is devastating. This past time, when it happened, I saw both Jeremy Gorden and Skip Chapman who performed MAT (muscle activation technique) on me. I am a physician myself and at first I was a little skeptical about what MAT could do for me. Within just two days I was back to lifting again, obviously easing back into my regular routine, but still able to workout. Without the expertise and experience of both Jeremy and Skip I would have not been able to return to the gym in such a short amount of time. I am truly grateful to both of them!! I would HIGHLY recommend seeing them if you suffer from an injury. In closing I was not offered compensation for writing this testimonial.

Louie Nissan & Carla Schmitz and the East Lakeview Staff, WOW

Having gone there for 8 months I have been very successful losing weight and building muscle – I have lost 30 lbs.! I owe it to my amazing trainer, Louie Nissan and also my nutritionist, Carla Schmitz. They both have motivated me and are a great team. In addition I like how clean the club always is, I like the soothing music played in the locker rooms and I like the club in general. I also am a big user of the classes and instructors. I go to Spinning and Fitcore regularly and have also gone to Iron Horse, 312, Urban Athlete and Motiv8. Keith Kimble and Erin Sneed are totally outstanding instructors who have motivated me and keep me coming back for classes, among other trainers. Lastly the people who work at the club are so friendly and personable – including John Beale, Norma Rixter, Megan, Dan and others. One wish I have would be for you open a club north like in Evanston. Thank you!

Keith Kimble

I love the new spin bikes at LP FFC! It makes class so much better to have numbers to measure effort and keep track of progress.

By the way, I enjoy all of the classes I attend at the LP location but I was lucky enough to score a spot in Keith’s spin class on 6:15 on Wednesday. He is the most motivating instructor, challenging and he always has perfect music. His classes are an absolute blast to attend!

FFC Oak Park

I love FFC! The group classes are great- fun and challenging. I participate in spinning, yoga, pilates, and fitkick. The Kids Club is excellent. My kids love it there and I completely trust the employees. We now take advantage of the PNO program, which is fantastic- an adult dinner and happy kids!

FFC Union Station

FFC continues to take advantage of the three legged approach, price, quality and customer service. Need I say more.

Erin Sneed

I am just writing with positive feedback about the one class I took last night. On a short notice at Halsted street Monday May 2, due to precaution of carbon monoxide, Erin Sneed was asked on short notice to take her fitcore, spin, and amped up classes and have them on the turf, but make adjustments to the spin class and do a boot camp instead. I LOVED her boot camp class and it would be a nice class to have in the future! She did a wonderful job and kept a positive attitude and high energy throughout all 3 of her classes and provided challenging workouts! Thanks you. I have enjoyed my experience of my time here at FFC and continue to attend the gym daily, thanks to the wonderful staff!

Phoebe, Austin, Letti

Phoebe is the most friendly person at the front desk across all the FFC facilities I go to. My personal trainer, Austin is great….and even Letti who works in the women’s locker room is very supportive and friendly to me each time we meet. While I thought this would be the least “neighborly” gym, people here are friendly like the local neighborhood Starbucks.

Halsted Street

The effort put into this gym is the exact experience you back from it. Positive energy creates more positive energy, using the tools provided (equipment, classes, and staff) will keep you pleased with your membership.

Becca Russo

I just wanted to send a note and tell you about a wonderful instructor you have: Becca Russo. About 3 weeks ago I was attending the Saturday noon Zumba class. Unfortunately, I injured my leg but Becca jumped to respond and help me. She not only called for assistance, she went way out of her way to get me to my apartment. She’s not only an amazing teacher but a very compassionate person. She’s the best!!

Chelsea Melzer

Hi Marcus,

It was great to finally chat to you today.

I have been so impressed with Chelsea, and love working with her so much that I wanted to provide a testimonial to show just how fantastic she, and the FFC team, is.
Hopefully I’ll see you over the next couple of weeks before I head back to the UK.

So here goes:

I joined FFC South Loop in February having come to Chicago for a 3 month period from the UK. I was primarily looking for a gym as a way of meeting people, not because I am a keen gym-goer. In fact, gyms intimidate me and I have always preferred to exercise at home. I had read many great reviews about FFC and decided to see what the fuss was about.

I was not disappointed!

Not only was I given a thorough and welcoming tour of the facility before joining, but I was amazed to find that my membership included 4 complimentary personal training sessions. I have never encountered this service with another gym before, and it was a fantastic opportunity to finally kickstart a fitness programme after years of rarely working out.

I was fortunate to be paired with my fabulous personal trainer, Chelsea Melzer. She immediately made me feel at ease and as soon as we started training I forgot I was in a gym full of other people! Her circuit training sessions were fun, challenging and varied from the start, and after just 2 of my 4 complimentary sessions I signed up for a further 15, and then signed up for more to keep the great work going.

What I love about working with Chelsea, above all else, is that we have so much fun! Her circuits are always well thought out in advance. No two sessions are ever the same and when she feels as if we need to try something different, she comes up with new ideas and suggests we try them to keep things fresh.

Chelsea has introduced me to equipment and exercises I have never come across before and I look forward to finding out what’s in store each time I see her. I love that she demonstrates the correct technique for every exercise first and explains the benefits of each one, advising me which muscle groups we’re hitting, and then throughout each exercise she is there to monitor my technique, improve or correct my form if needed, and ultimately to motivate me! I know I am always in good hands and her priority is to train safely to avoid injuries.

But don’t be fooled by her gentle, petite appearance – she is a taskmaster! Just when I think we’re nearing the end of a circuit, she’ll squeeze a few more reps out of me. The feeling of achievement supersedes any of the pain from the burn, and she pushes me harder than I would ever push myself, which is what it’s all about!

Best of all, I am able to do exercises I NEVER dreamed I would be able to do, my fitness has improved significantly, I have gained strength and power, particularly in my upper body where I lacked it completely, and my body mass index has fallen 2% in just 2 months. I’m not suggesting this is going to be the same for everyone, but the whole experience has been hugely positive for me, and for my confidence.

My only disappointment is that I have to return to the UK and cannot take Chelsea with me!

Exercise is now something I look forward to, and this is all down to her! I cannot speak more highly of her, and her co-workers at South Loop. Every time I visit, the team are always super friendly and welcoming from the minute I walk through the door, to when I enter the gym. They have a fantastic rapport with one another and a great team spirit too, which makes FFC a fun place, and not the intimidating place I feared it might be. If you’re looking for a gym, or would like to find a personal trainer, look no further!!


Hope that’s OK, Marcus and not too long! But I didn’t want to leave anything out. For someone like me, who hates exercising in public, this is a big deal!

Have a great evening!

Union Station

So far, the decision to join FFC has been one of the best decisions I have made in a while.

Jessica Frank

Pilates with Jessica is fun! I definitely felt stronger after repeated sessions. I have less post-op pain as a result of pilates and my posture improved as well. The studio is very nice and I always feel comfortable there. Jess is a great motivator and I love that she follows up and stays on her clients and does not let them fall off the wagon! Jess works really hard to keep in touch and I feel like she really cares about me and my health!

Julia Groves, Joy Miles, Joe Levita

When I first joined FFC in January I figured it would be like any other time I joined a gym; I would join the resolution crowd and be done in a month. From the time I toured the club until now, I can honestly say, this is one of the best decisions I have made in quite a while!

When I met with Julia Groves for my tour I have to admit I was nervous and not sure what to expect. Once I was on the tour, I felt relieved and not as intimidated about what I was about to do. Her personality is perfect and was great to work with. I never once felt pressure to join or felt I had to make a decision before I left.

I took full advantage of all the perks the FFC had to offer as a new member, including the pilates and personal training sessions.

When I met with Joy, she was just that…a joy!! Her outgoing personality and encouraging helped me make it thru my session and was still able to walk the next day!

I also tried out the personal training sessions, to which I have always said, “I would NEVER get a trainer; I don’t need someone yelling at me and telling me how to work out!” Let’s just say, the experience was nowhere near what my expectation was. I met with Joe Levita for my sessions and continue to do so. He does a great job of teaching me new techniques and routines all while motivating me and keeping me on course. Like everyone else I have experienced at FFC, Joe is a people person and makes a point to say hello and smile others in the club. Even on non-training days, it is awesome seeing Joe and getting a smile and a “great job” from him!

I know there are many others in your club that do an amazing job, but these are the few that I have had the opportunity to have great experiences with! One final shout out to the housekeeping staff who does an amazing job making sure all of our spaces are spotless, clean and “stink free”!

Thanks, FFC East Lakeview, for helping me reach milestones in my fitness path and helping me continue to excel!

Jessica Frank

I have been training regularly in the Pilates room with Jessica Frank for almost 2 years now with great results! The Pilates machines create unique ranges of motion that have improved my flexibility and strength in areas that are difficult to target with the equipment on the floor. Jessica is a very attentive trainer that continually monitors and corrects my form – and challenges me with new variations of exercises as I make progress. The result is that I’ve had a significant decrease in lower back pain since I started, and a noticeable improvement in my overall posture. I would highly recommend trying Pilates training to anyone that has chronic lower back pain.

Josh Matayka

First things first, I don’t like working out but but because of the hours, location and staff, going to the 311 Fitness Center become a part of my everyday life.The staff is always courteous and upbeat and the gym is always kept clean.
I have been working with Josh, one of the personal trainers at the club. This is my first time I am working with a personal trainer and have found working with Josh has been well worth the investment. He did a great job of assessing my needs and tailors the workout accordingly. He concentrates on form, and is quick to identify what body part is disrupting my form. He incorporates variety of workouts, making each session different, interesting and challenging. Josh is always positive and encouraging and I actually enjoy the workouts. I feel better and can see the changes in my body. I would highly recommend Josh as a personal trainer.

Skip Chapman

I have seen Skip on two different occasions due to knee issues as well as upper back/shoulders/neck stiffness and trigger points that were acting up. I was hesitant at first knowing a few things about MAT but never having experienced a thorough session myself. There are not enough good things to say about how I felt afterwards. The first time I was nervous I would not be able to partake in a long distance run I had signed up for and after seeing Skip my knees stopped locking up and my ankles and entire legs/feet felt 100% better. I didn’t realize that many of my problems were starting within my ankles and feet due to past surgeries and that was causing many of my knee issues. Skip showed me exercises to do that would alleviate any recurring nerve and joint pain and was confident I would feel better immediately. I was surprised to wake up the very next day and recognized how much better my entire body felt. I also completed my run without any problems. A year or so later I went to him once again but for upper body soreness and muscles that were not activating correctly causing a lot of stiffness and weakness. Once again, I felt better within 24 hours of our session. I typically wake up so sore I don’t want to get out of bed and it takes me hours to stretch out and not feel that early morning body fog. I did not have any soreness or nerve twitches after that session and could tell muscles (the CORRECT ones!) were working as contracted and there was not as much pressure on my joints when working out. I think incorporating MAT into your work out and therapy is definitely necessary if you have any overall body soreness, past surgeries, extremely stiff joints and any type of muscle complications. Skip is not only great at what he does in terms of MAT techniques but he is professional, patient and understands the difficulties faced when someone is not 100% where they want to be with their overall health.

FFC Halsted Street

I wanted to thank the entire team. I’d never joined a ‘real’ gym before, and everyone has been incredibly friendly and helpful. Plus the facility is always ready to rock, which is dope.

FFC East Lakeview

My experience as a member of FFC East Lakeview is so very rewarding. I use the club for group classes and those classes have been very instrumental in aiding me to enhance my physical fitness. With few exceptions, the group fitness instructors are I’ve worked with have been skilled trainers who are excellent at the job. Furthermore, all of the staff at the facility are always cordial and courteous, and do not hesitate to assist and be helpful to members. I also appreciate that the management is open to and accepts feedback from members be it positive or negative.