FFC South Loop

Everyone that I have met that works at the South Loop has been very friendly and accommodating. The facility is always clean and has all the equipment I need. The gym is also very close to my work.

FFC South Loop

Friendly staff, clean and updated equipment and a consistent effort to engage with the community.

Antionio Coke, Shell Neal & Cafe Staff

It’s a great facility and Antonio Coke is the best fitness instructor on the planet! The other staff is incredible as well. Love Shell! Oh and the Café staff. Super nice.

FFC Union Station & FFC West Loop

FFC has all the equipment you would ever need to reach any goals. They are constantly updating and staying current with the latest trends in fitness. The club is always spotless and everyone on their staff is friendly and personable. The location is unbeatable. I am also an orange level member which for a one time fee of $100 allows me to visit other clubs in the FFC franchise. I can take advantage of the outdoor pool at FFC West Loop, or just get off the train and head upstairs and work out at the Union Station location.

The members are a great group of professionals who take fitness seriously. The personal trainers are some of the best. From the manager to the person folding the towels everyone makes you feel welcome and appreciated.

FFC Gold Coast

I really enjoy the classes, Keith Kimble is amazing. The gym is always clean and even during busy times it’s not overly crowded and wait times for machines is never long or unbearable.

FFC East Lakeview

Very clean and modern and great staff

FFC South Loop

Always clean – that is super important! Everything is kept in good condition and state of the art is there. Friendly staff as well who have been around for a very long time!

Brittany & Jose

FFC has been great! I mostly go to the South Loop location and always appreciate how clean it is (it never smells like a sweaty gym), the variety of equipment, and how awesome your staff is. Brittany at South Loop is very helpful with any membership questions, and always greats me with a smile. I see Jose for training in South Loop and he has been wonderful to work with as well. He keeps me on target with my fitness goals and is happy to offer advice on how I can improve my workouts.

Nazha Abushalanfah

Nazha, I just wanted to tell you how much your TREAD class has helped me!
I am a runner and triathlete. My annual training schedule doesn’t change too much year to year. The only thing different I have done this year over last year was to add your class to my Wednesday workout.
I started with your class in the fall and noticed a difference at the FLW 5K when I placed in my age group. I usually run longer distances, so 5K’s are not my usual race. I know your speed work got me there.
This past week I ran the F3 half marathon (as I have done for the past three years). Each January, I feel like I am undertrained as it comes up so quickly!
Last year the race was hard for me in the last 2 miles, and I finished in 2:01. This year, I bettered my time by just under 5 minutes and my pace per mile by 20 seconds! That’s huge in my book! I felt great and was able to push hard the entire race. The only difference in my training from last years race and this years was adding your class.
Thank you again! I just love the camaraderie, support and work you give us! Here’s to more strong finishes in 2017!

Steve Coyne

I mentioned it in person already but I wanted to put it also in writing how great Steve has been in helping me find a good workout routine.
He’s nice, friendly, good to spend time with, inspiring, and very qualified.
A great asset for FFC!
Thanks again for connecting us.

Kara Mraz

I joined this gym on a whim and I am so glad that I did. Once I signed up they randomly paired me with a trainer so I could utilize my complimentary PT sessions. When I showed up to my session I sat down with Kara to explain what I wanted to achieve in our sessions. After my first session with Kara I knew she was the perfect fit for me! She listened to all my goals and needs and really made each workout different, which I appreciated. Every session she pushed me harder and harder yet knew what my limits were. I was excited to attend every session and loved every minute of our workouts. One of my goals was to be more comfortable in the gym and with the machines themselves and I can say after our sessions that she helped me achieve those goals! I loved working with her so much that I purchased more sessions. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable about training and I can tell a noticeable difference in my strength already. Kara is an amazing trainer and I highly recommend her, as well as FFC to anyone!

FFC Park Ridge

I wanted to take a moment to compliment the Kid’s Club. All three of my children absolutely LOVE coming to the club. I am more than impressed with the staff, cleanliness, and security. They take the time to greet us and our children and make us feel welcome. ALL staff we have had the pleasure to meet have really made the overall experience exceptional. I have referred many family and friends as a result. Thanks for all you are doing!!!!

Sam Gonzalez

Sam Gonzalez was my personal trainer extraordinaire! He not only educated me on core training, but he was a gentle guide in combining the physical and mental components. Thank you Sam!

FFC Union Station

I’ve been a member for over 14 years and have trained for 7 triathlons there. I have not found a better place than FFC Union Station.

As I’ve gotten to grow there, the staff is great and I feel very comfortable there being myself and that is huge at a gym.

Kyle Pecka

I want to thank Kyle Pecka. Kyle and I have made great strides with my strength and range of motion. His knowledge of fitness and golf related fitness have really helped.

Sam Gonzalez

Really listened/listens to my goals and needs! Best think about the club so far!!

David Bohn

One of the most used and valued membership benefit are the group fitness classes. I would like to provide a shout out to one of my favorite instructors, David Bohn! He knows how to throw in a joke here and there during the workout session to help me forget how tired I am or better yet to work even harder. Also, during my last trimester of pregnancy he would come by me during class to modify the appropriate exercise for me. I really appreciate him and glad he is an instructor (I wish he taught everyday :)). One of the things I look at in attending a class is who is teaching and when I see him as the instructor I try to make it to one of his classes. Keep on doing what you’re doing David!! You rock!

Collin Cusack

I have been going to FFC since April 2015 and I have loved the concept of FFC where they focus on quality and results. I am currently training with Collin Cusack and he is a very dedicated trainer. He is extremely focused during all my sessions and ensures I do all the exercises in the correct form. I love my sessions with him and I would definitely recommend training with him.
Thanks Collin, you are the best.

Jessica Frank

I wanted to thank Jessica Frank, I appreciate all her efforts and guidance that she are puts into my workout sessions. When I joined FFC a month ago I was little worried and hesitated for my fitness as my case is not like any other normal case. However since I have started taking sessions from Jessica, I am feeling positive and energetic about fitness and all of this happened because of her help, support and patience. She describes various exercises to me which are really helpful. Also she has valuable suggestions related to diet are really useful.

Again I thank Jessica very much for all her work and I am looking forward to work with her for my fitness in future as she is the best trainer I have met till now.

FFC Gold Coast

I tell people all the time that Fitness Formula Clubs are easily the best fitness experience in Chicago. I’ve belonged to every club in the city over the last 25 years and as soon as I walked in to Gold Coast FF 11 years ago, I knew I’d found my Fitness home! Really friendly personnel too.

Ryan Oswald

Thanks Sharon. Ryan is a huge asset to FFC. I have shared this with several people I know and would recommend him to be a trainer for virtually any age group, profile or ability.

FFC South Loop

Always clean (always the maintenance staff appear happy and it shows in the pride in their work). Great, friendly staff from the front desk to trainers . Equipment is in great condition (repairs are made very timely). Other members are friendly.

I always recommend FFC South Loop.

FFC South Loop

I joined based on customer service, cleanliness of the facility, and amenities. I’ve had nothing but a pleasant experience. Even the other members are friendly.

Cole Cary

I’m very impressed with FFC as a whole. The cleanliness is the first thing I noticed coming in to the gym. Most national peer chain gyms look and smell like public bus stations and FFC lives up to the “health club” standard. Always impressed at the customer service and how problems are quickly fixed. I’ve had two problems which could have been completely mismanaged by FFC. Both were handle with great ease and speed. Could not be more impressed. Will definitely recommend the Halsted club.

Shout out also to Cole Cary as a Personal Trainer. I’ve enjoyed working with him for the past couple of months and enjoy his positive attitude and his ability to explain to his clients why certain work outs work. He’s an invaluable asset to the club, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

FFC Halsted Street

FFC is the first gym that I have belonged to which has really lived up to every marketing slogan I feel it has put out. The entire membership program was laid out clearly, even how I would go about cancelling my membership if and when I had to. The Halsted gym is immaculately clean and always organized. Not even a broken locker, which I feel like is unheard of seeing as most gym locker rooms look like a grenade went off and destroyed half the doors. But above all the staff is courteous, clearly has a teamwork spirit, and above all don’t pressure sell me into anything.

On two occasions FFC could have easily screwed me. One when my old trainer quit, which FFC communicated to me immediately upon his departure and Cole Cary reached out to me and ever since I built a great working relationship with Cole.

The second is when my credit for completing the 36 days was never fulfilled, to which Halsted immediately credited me without question.
FFC has thoroughly impressed me during my short membership stint with its customer service and community like feel. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

FFC West Loop

I love FFC! Great place to workout, clean, plenty of machines to use. I’ve never had to wait for equipment. Friendly staff, since I joined this summer my husband joined a few months later. We’re very happy with FFC!

FFC Union Station

Great amenities – facility is kept very clean and I love the steam room and eucalyptus towels and other nice details in the changing rooms. Lockers are clean and the classes are great! Also I like that you can go to many different location. The price is worth these additional amenities to me.

FFC Union Station

I have belonged to several gyms in various states across the country. FFC is by far the best-equipped, best-staffed, and most “bang for your buck” than any of them. The people who work at the club, from the trainers to the locker room attendants, are a pleasure to be around.

FFC Oak Park

First of all, Employees,Employees,Employees!!! Thats what makes this out of all the FFC clubs, in my experience has been so excellent I wouldn’t even consider another club even if it was cheaper and right next door. Everyone is family to me and i actually look forward to working out and I HATE working out. Great job Jeff and all…. Annie Doppes

FFC South Loop

Great classes are offered at a variety of times
I’m just getting back into working out after having my first baby.
I was super nervous to use child care but my friends (who also belong to FFC south loop) assured me that FFC childcare is wonderful and it is. Which is a huge thing for a new mom.

FFC Lincoln Park


I had my daughter’s first birthday party at the Lincoln Park location yesterday. I just wanted to drop a note and say how amazing everything was. Nneka was our point of contact throughout the planning process and my family and I could not have been more impressed with how she handled everything. All emails were answered very quickly (even ones sent on nights and weekends, or when she wasn’t in the office). In addition, the flexibility and willingness to help was much appreciated. It can be stressful coordinating a birthday party, but Nneka made the process so much easier. On the day of the party, Nneka was there setting up first thing in the morning and throughout the party she made sure everything ran smoothly (even coordinating thoughtful touches like playing music from her phone while we waited on our own music and finding an ice bucket for people to use after I realized I forgot to bring one). The breakdown process was also a breeze as Nneka handled that for us as well. The day couldn’t have been any better and a large part of that was due to Nneka and the rest of the FFC staff. Thank you very much for a great party!

Lindy Endres

I’ve been wanting to share feedback about Lindy for quite some time. She is absolutely fabulous and a jewel to the FFC South Loop. I’ve been taking her class for not quite a year and she continues to be one of the highlights of it. I’ve definitely felt myself become more confident in class which, in turn, influences how I feel in everyday life. She is so talented, silly, smart, just fantastic. I can’t praise her enough! Please keep her on staff forever! 🙂

Felicia T

Just want to give positive feedback. Felicia recently filled in as Yoga instructor at a 7 am class at Union Station. It was the best yoga class I’ve ever had at FFC. Great mix of challenge and instruction. It would be great to have her on the regular rotation.

FFC Union Station

Hi Bob,

I wanted to take a few minutes of my time to express my satisfaction at Union Station FFC thus far. Every single person on your team from sales to trainers to maintenance to housekeeping has provided nothing but exceptional customer service; I cannot recall a time when I did not. Your sincere, friendly and welcoming staff is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy coming to your location. To name a few: Mike Gorrell, Martha and Elizabeth; their warm and inviting personality definitely make members feel welcomed and wanted especially on days when you just don’t want to go to the gym.

In addition, I feel very lucky to have found Devin. His passion and knowledge for fitness inspired me to become a better version of myself. He created a program for me to follow and within two months I was able to see significant results with his training. I admire his professionalism and attentiveness. Whenever I have questions he is readily available. The money spent on personal training with Devin is definitely a worthwhile investment!

I have been a member of LifeTime Fitness, LA Fitness and XSport for a combined total of 15 years and have to say that FFC is the best gym around in the Chicagoland area! You have a phenomenal team and they are truly a valuable asset to the company. Many thanks to you and your team for the excellent service provided at Union Station FFC. Keep up the awesome work!

Gold Coast

Hi Larry,

This email is actually a few weeks overdue and I wanted to make sure to rectify my error.

Several weeks ago, after being at the Gold Coast location since April 11th (when I “officially” started my workouts as part of the Northwestern Cardiac Rehabilitation program), I almost immediately encountered Dwayne. He is one of your staff members that appears to help with tasks around the club (cleaning, assisting in the locker room and so on). He’s just been such a great guy.

Specifically, he represented the the chain with enthusiasm and lots of information that led me to realize that you had a few conveniently located gyms that I might care to use. He also impressed me with his hard work and diligence to getting things done. Such a wonderful presence to see around the gym. It really impressed me that he had so much great knowledge of the clubs and information that was truly appreciated.

There was also a wonderful individual named “Rayna” who was just a ray of sunshine (no pun intended, honesty 🙂 ). She had a warm and genuine greeting when she was in the gym/accessories area. She really just stood out from your average staff member. I do have to say that I have not encountered her since then and truly hope she is still with your group of clubs. She is definitely someone worth investing in and nurturing in this area of working with and engaging customers.

Last, but certainly not least, the club manager – Barbara. She’s been such a positive force in all that she does. I love her energy and commitment to providing the best experience possible to all club members. It really is a treat to see her and to have a chance to experience her welcoming presence and sparkle. She definitely seems to set the tone for how to treat club members. The art of customer service is not lost on her and the two wonderful folks I named above.

Other mentions:

Shell Neal. I am sure you realize how awesome her energy and presence is and that’s why she is in the role she is. She signed me up for phase 3 and was just such an incredibly cool force and a wonderful ambassador for the club.

There is a gentlemen that I see often at the front desk. He’s got dark hair (blackish) and wears a goatee. I am going to get his name tomorrow. I have seen him quite a bit over the last few months and ALWAYS a great smile and welcoming energy. I feel badly that I did not get his name but will pass that on. Truly a nice guy to have at the front desk.

I specifically asked to receive the details of the person that I could send this email to and that is how I ended up with your email address, Larry. I am a Quality Analyst for the company I work for (in the area of CS). It is not only a passion of mine but I truly appreciate when I am treated with such care and appreciation (as a customer). These are things that seem to be getting lost in our day and age, I am afraid. However, these staff members are wonderful and should be acknowledged for exhibiting great customer care that defies my overall impressions of this general trend I noted!

Larry, I have worked out at quite a few other clubs in my time and these folks are the first group to ever inspire me to want to write a letter/email like this. Truly a good group of folks. They should be recognized for the great job they do in making people feel appreciated at FFC GC.


Joe Dankowski

I just wanted to give kudos to trainer Joe Dankowski. Yesterday when I was completing a squat, I immediately felt like I had pulled my hamstring muscle in my right leg. I was so afraid that I hurt myself and that I would be out of commission from working out, which would be the worst thing for me. I asked Joe (who I’ve worked out with in the past) what kind of stretching exercises I could do to work my right leg. He took the time to explain and demonstrate the stretch that would help me with the pulled hamstring. He did this even though he was waiting on his client (thankfully that client was running late).

More importantly than demonstrating the stretch, he took the time to “calm” me down. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for the last 2 years and have lost 120lbs thus far. So the thought of not being able to work out, really frightened me and caused me to panic. Joe knows this about me and he was very calming, reassuring and kind. Just what I needed. So thanks Joe for taking the time to talk with me and to reassure me.

P.S. I’m totally fine and was back on the elliptical this morning.

Gume Diaz

So often times we experience a member’s not-so-pleasant experience to perhaps improve or change a certain aspect of our operations. It’s always a pleasure when one provides us with a thoughtful, positive statement – one that I wanted to share with you all….

Little background…. I hired Gume’ Diaz as our housekeeper full-time in 2010. I’m not sure how long he has with us as he’s approaching in his mid 60’s – retirement may be nearby? His eyes are very weak, glaucoma in both and recent surgery. He is one determined human being and I admire his strength (his relatives have lived to well over 100 years old). Great human being and committed employee.

He doesn’t travel well due to his current situation so unfortunately is not up to the task to sub at other clubs.

It’s nice to hear a positive thought… thanks for reading.. 🙂

Guillermo Moreno

My membership means so much, and more than just losing weight. The staff here in Oak Park are exceptional. Guillermo Moreno who has been my trainer for almost 5 months is the most positive person and really pushes me to my limits. And because of that I’ve lost 40 lbs in about 4 and a half months. I’ve gained friends here, and I’ve gained my confidence back. Thanks to all at Oak Park FFC. You guys are the best!!

Mikey Andrews, Marcus Summers


I wanted to share a bit about my experience at the South Loop location. Before joining this club, I had visited many gyms in the area but felt that the FFC South Loop was the best choice for me. From the start, Mikey was the best person to get me signed up. He did his best to keep up with me and my chaotic schedule. He was personable and felt that he was genuine. It was not a gimmick and there was nothing to sell other than customer service (which I loved).

At the time, I was one of those “I don’t own sneakers…what is that machine?!? I don’t run.” type of girls. I was terrified about working out and had borrowed a pair of sneakers from roommate because I never owned my own. Through Mikey, I was truly blessed to meet Marcus and Josh-(trainers). I cannot express how much of life changing experience training was because of them. Initially, I was 170 pounds (I weighed as much as my dad). I was embarrassed and did not feel at my best self. I was 28 years old–huffing and puffing to make it to the CTA each day to get to work. I would struggle up “the stairs of death” at the Harrison CTA Red Line. I would skip over meals and not make an effort to try to workout on my own. I was very tired of that life but since meeting Josh and all the other staff–I can say that I feel at my best (even when I occasionally slack off). Working out and staying fit by eating healthy and keeping active is a MAIN part of my life because of the people at this gym.

I am now at the point where I have to leave FFC because I am moving out of state, but I had to share my personal experience. I also now own two pairs of sneakers that are my own. I also have lost 15-20 pounds since I first joined as a member. Though these feats may be minor–they matter because of the impact of your staff. Thank you FFC South Loop. I appreciate all you have done for me and will continue to take it along with me for life.

Josh Carson

The club in Oak Park had a ton of fantastic amenities, the trainers are very personable, and there was a variety of equipment for any type of workout regiment that I would choose. In addition, the FFC service in general is top quality out of all the gyms I’ve been to, and though it’s not the cheapest membership it’s certainly a fantastic value for what you pay for. And finally, promotions are pretty decent. I signed up last June and received six free consultations with Josh Carson, who is a personable, knowledgable trainer and is clearly very popular with customers. My only complaint about working with him was that he’s so good it’s hard to schedule with him! But that’s a great problem to have. In the time I was with FFC I also was offered spa visits, more consultations, a visit with a dietician, and deals on swim classes. Keep running them!

It is with heavy regret that I must cancel my membership, and I would continue to recommend FFC to anyone in the area who needs to find a gym. In addition if I move back into the area, I will definitely reconsider joining FFC again.