FFC Old Town

1. The overall approach is friendly and without judgment; diversity of ability and age are welcome.
2. At the same time there is a challenging atmosphere that leads one to realize how much more one can do–than they think they can.
3. Safety and cleanliness of the surroundings are never an issue.
4. Fees are competitive especially considering the wide variety of classes included.
5. Those classes are inspiring, challenging and create a lasting effect.
6. The hours are convenient and offer times for even the most unusual schedule.
7. The Personal Trainers (~4) I’ve had have all been excellent, available, and challenging, Steve Martinez being the current.

You or others may think I have mindlessly checked superior ratings. The fact is I carefully thought about each item, seriously considered alternate evaluations and came up with what I did. It is truly a great club and I value it very much. I see no need for changes and say that without reservation.