16- best-old-town-Climbing-wall

The best Climbing Wall in Old Town is having a Double Down Event!

The Super Summer Special is on! Classes start next week!

All classes that traditionally meet ONCE-A-WEEK will meet TWICE-A-WEEK with different instructors!


Double-down with Crystal and Russell:

BETA 2.5/3 with Crystal – Mondays, 6:00p

BETA 2.5/3 with Russell – Thursdays, 6:30p


Double-down with Sharon and Emily:

BETA 1/BOULDERING 1 HYBRID with Sharon – Mondays, 6:30p

BETA 1/BOULDERING 1 HYBRID with Emily – Wednesdays, 6:30p


Double-down with Tom:

LEAD/LEAD 2 with Tom – Mondays, 7:00p

LEAD/LEAD 2 with Tom – Wednesdays, 6:30p


Double-down with Jeff and Chris:

BOULDERING 3++ with Jeff – Tuesdays, 7:00p

BOULDERING 3++ with Chris – Thursdays, 7:00p


Old Town FFC Members: $125

BKB Members “Open Visit Opt-Out”: $125

Non-Member Climbing Wall Pass Holders: $125

Non-members: $175


Contact Tom Petraitis at tpetraitis@ffc.com to register.



Current FFC class climbers get a $25 discount on a new class when they refer a friend to a class!

Friends who are referred also get a $10 discount for a class for being referred!