FFC Halsted Street

FFC is the first gym that I have belonged to which has really lived up to every marketing slogan I feel it has put out. The entire membership program was laid out clearly, even how I would go about cancelling my membership if and when I had to. The Halsted gym is immaculately clean and always organized. Not even a broken locker, which I feel like is unheard of seeing as most gym locker rooms look like a grenade went off and destroyed half the doors. But above all the staff is courteous, clearly has a teamwork spirit, and above all don’t pressure sell me into anything.

On two occasions FFC could have easily screwed me. One when my old trainer quit, which FFC communicated to me immediately upon his departure and Cole Cary reached out to me and ever since I built a great working relationship with Cole.

The second is when my credit for completing the 36 days was never fulfilled, to which Halsted immediately credited me without question.
FFC has thoroughly impressed me during my short membership stint with its customer service and community like feel. I would highly recommend it to anyone.