FFC Gold Coast Has a New Registered Dietitian!

Meet Jessica Dogert, RD, LDN, CPT

A lover of coffee, coconut everything, almond butter, avocados and green smoothies, I am passionate about sharing my nutrition expertise and inspiring others to fuel their bodies with natural, wholesome foods so they can power their passions in life.

I understand that we are all busy.  As a young woman, I have gone through hardships (haven’t we all?!)… and as a result, I put my health in the backseat of my life’s priorities. I lacked energy, had difficulty thinking, and was forever frazzled. My health affected not only my life, but also those around me.

Thankfully, now I know better, and nutrition is a key part of the solution for all of us. I have learned how to truly care for my body and my life. As a Registered Dietitian, I walk the talk and know firsthand how much of a difference healthy eating can make.

  • I choose to eat healthy because it gives me a clear mind, a joyful glow, and puts me in an upbeat mood.
  • I have energy to get through my day with ease.
  • I exercise daily because it makes me feel good and eases my stress levels.
  • I don’t overcommit. I set priorities and focus only upon a limited number of things, which I am passionate about so I can excel at those things. I do things daily that bring me joy.

Each of us has talents which, when used to our full potential, can really change the world and those around us.  To fully utilize these talents, we all need to be good stewards of our bodies. By taking care of ourselves we place and keep ourselves in a healthy place.  Subsequently, we can be more selfless by caring and supporting those we truly love and fulfilling our purpose and passions in life.

Do you desire more energy, to think more clearly, restore your metabolism, sleep like a baby, stress less, have enhanced athletic performance… or all of the above?! If so, lets chat!

Contact me via email: jdogert@ffc.com or cell: (708)-351-9536 or find me at the Lincoln Park and Gold Coast FFC locations. Allow me to help you live a healthy, happy life one small lifestyle change at a time!