pilates classes

Fall Pilates Classes

Compliment your exercise routine with a Pilates session this fall! These classes emphasize strength and flexibility while using fluid muscle movements to correct and avoid muscular imbalance. Sculpt a lean physique and see great results. All classes will be held in the Pilates Studio. Classes are $120 for 4 sessions or $215 for 8 sessions. Contact John Beale at beale@ffc.com to register.

Pilates Reformer Groups

  • Tuesdays 7 AM with Justin
  • Tuesdays 7 PM with Joy
  • Wednesdays 9:30 AM with Joy
  • Thursdays 5:15 PM with Justin
  • Sundays 11 AM with Joy
  • Sundays 2 PM with Eileen

Pilates Force Fusion Class

  • Wednesdays 6 AM with Justin
  • Fridays 6 AM with Justin