Everest Challenge

Everest_Challenge_bannerJoin FFC member, Joe Rudy, as he prepares to tackle the North Face of Mt. Everest this Spring for LGBT rights. Joe’s quest symbolizes the uphill battle that LGBT Americans face everyday.

The climb up Mt. Everest takes 65-70 days and is considered one of the most physically and mentally demanding challenges in the world. Over the course of the climb up Everest, Joe will cover the height of the mountain three times as he travels up and down to the camps along the mountain. All the while acclimating his body to the oxygen deprivation, he will finally arrive at the summit within 65-70 days. On the summit day, it takes most climbers 7 hours to walk the last mile to the summit.

Your challenge is to complete the total distance to the summit in 5 weeks,
by performing specific activities in the club.

Height of Mt. Everest: 29,035ft.
Distance traveled over 65-70 days: 29,035ft x 3 = 87,105ft (130,657 steps)

Earn raffle tickets for each level attained. Prizes include:

Sports photography package valued at $500
$250 REI gift certificate
FFC Spa certificates

Program dates: February 15 – March 22, 2014

Price: $49members/$99 non-members with all the proceeds benefiting Everest4Equality.org

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