Marathon & Endurance Running Programs

FFC’s Chicago Marathon Training Program started in 1997 and has trained over 1,000 marathoners over the past 15 years. The program is for runners of all levels. Our motto is “if you can run a mile, you can finish a marathon with our training program”. The training focuses on quality runs over quantity. Rest is not overlooked.

Join The FFC Endurance Running Club – RunMonster!

RunMonster is an extension of the FFC Endurance Training Club, TriMonster. All FFC Endurance Membership athletes enjoy the FFC Half and Full Marathon Training programs for FREE*. If you are already an FFC member, consider joining the FFC Endurance Membership (aka “TriMonster Unlimited”) that includes unlimited Swim Technique, CompuTrainer™ Cycling, Endurance Running (FFC Half and Full Marathon Training Program), and FFC Performance Center High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) strength classes for only $80/month by clicking here. Visit for more information. *excluding any included gear, available for purchase separately.

Summer Half & Full Marathon Training Program

Are you training for a late Summer or early Fall running event? Perhaps a half marathon, the Chicago Marathon, Twin Cities, or Marine Corps Marathon? Join the FFC Running Club’s RunMonster athletes to train together with customized 14-18-week training plans for:

  • Chicago Half Marathon (9/6/2015) – 13 weeks
  • Chicago Marathon (10/11/2015) – 18 weeks
  • Any Fall Marathon (Twin Cities, Marine Corps, NY Marathon, etc.)
  • Our motto is, “if you can run a mile, you can run a marathon.”

    Program Includes:

  • 3 Weekly Workouts
  • Weekend Long Run (NEW-Sat. and Sun. options)
  • Weekday Maintenance Run (Various days/times)
  • Weekly RunMonster Speedwork
  • Online Training Plan for Half Marathon and Marathon
  • Clinics including Running Form workshop
  • Great RunMonster Running Gear
  • Social outings and events to build camaraderie
  • Small group training sessions with 1-on-1 coaching
  • Unlimited motivation and support
  • Coached by FFC’s certified and experienced RunMonster endurance coaching staff
  • Race Day Hospitality for Friends & Family at FFC South Loop
  • Training Locations:
    East Lakeview, Union Station, Gold Coast, Halsted Street, and South Loop

    Training Dates:
    2015: June 8 – October 10

    Training Days, Times, and Locations:
    Union Station – Mondays at 6pm
    Halsted Street – Wednesdays at 6pm
    Lakeshore Park Track – Thursdays at 6pm
    East Lakeview, South Loop – Saturdays at 7:30am (6:30am in August & Sept)
    South Loop – Sundays at 7:30am (6:30am in August & Sept)

    Pricing & Registration:
    Please sign up online at

    Contact: Cassidy Wall at

    RunMonster Speedwork & Running Technique

    “Wanna get scary fast? Want to run naturally and more efficiently? Want to become a RunMonster?

    Join Fitness Formula Clubs’ RunMonster Speedwork Training Program to improve your run mechanics, learn how to run naturally and injury free, and add a little “fartlek” to your training. This program is led by USA Track & Field, and Newton Natural Running certified instructors with a combined 50+ years of experience from FFC’s RunMonster and Marathon coaching teams which have produced over 40 Boston qualifiers. During this training program you’ll be challenged to push yourself to new levels of running fitness while being supported by our friendly and intimidation-free coaching philosophy that creates a fun and social group atmosphere in true RunMonster fashion.

    This program is perfect for all ability levels whether you’re a run/walker looking to enjoy running longer and more efficiently, or a competitive athlete trying to break a personal best. Let’s get scary fast!

    Spring/Summer (outdoors) – April through October @ Lake Shore Park Track – Thursdays 6:00pm
    Fall/Winter (indoors) – November through March @ FFC Gold Coast – Thursdays 6:30pm

    To join RunMonster Speedwork & Running Technique classes, please register for the FFC Half or Full Marathon Program or the FFC Endurance Club Membership at

    NOTE: All TriMonster programs are 100% intimidation-free, this means you can attend the first workout with no financial obligation! Come for a complimentary workout and decide to join after your first session.

    Winter RunMonster

    Join the FFC Running Club! Fitness Formula Clubs’ “Winter RunMonster” training program is a comprehensive fall and winter season training program designed to help athletes stay motivated with training through the harsh Chicago winter weather. Our goals with winter training are to focus on developing STRENGTH, enhancing RUNNING FORM, and improving NUTRITIONAL HABITS – while including plenty of typical RunMonster FUN! Classes will be held across multiple FFC locations – attend one location or join us at all of them! FFC Lincoln Park Performance Center classes will provide weekly strength training. FFC Gold Coast track workouts will be focused on developing and improving proper running form. FFC South Loop long runs will focus on building endurance and conclude with weekly post-run brunch socials! Monthly Nutritional Seminars will also provide a focus on developing proper nutritional habits to avoid holiday season pitfalls.

    This training program is FREE* for members of the FFC Endurance Club Membership ($80/month FFC member upgrade – signup at

    – 18-week Online Training Plan via TrainingPeaks
    – RunMonster Winter Running Beanie
    – Three (3) weekly workouts
    – Four (4) monthly nutrition clinics
    – Winter RunMonster Challenge prizes
    – Discounts to select races

    An online training program will be provided for half and full marathon distance with a special focus on the following select races. We recommend picking one event each in January, February, and March to keep you focused and motivated all winter long:

    2015 FFC Running Club Races:
    1/24/15 – F^3 Lake Half Marathon & 5k
    2/15/15 – Austin Half or Full Marathon
    3/15/15 – L.A. Full Marathon
    3/15/15 – Cary Half Marathon

    This program is also ideal for anyone looking to simply build a running fitness base for the spring running season, including popular events such as:

    3/29/15 – Shamrock Shuffle 8k
    4/20/15 – Boston Marathon
    4/25/15 – Illinois Marathon
    5/02/15 – Wisconsin Marathon
    5/17/15 – Chicago Spring Half Marathon
    5/23/15 – Soldier Field 10 miler

    Classes will be held across multiple FFC locations – attend one location or join us at all of them!
    TUESDAYS (select one): STRENGTH – 6:00am HIIT, 9:00am HIIT, 5:30pm FFC or 6:30pm HIIT @ FFC Lincoln Park
    THURSDAYS: TRACK & RUN FORM – 6:30pm @ FFC Gold Coast
    SUNDAYS: LONG RUNS – 8:00am @ FFC South Loop

    11/06/14 – Info Session (Kickoff) 7:30pm @ FFC Gold Coast
    11/10/14 – Training Program Starts: 18-week LA Marathon
    12/04/15 – Late Start – Build Phase (first 8+ mile runs)
    03/15/14 – Winter RunMonster ends

    $80 a month for FFC Members (Non-members must join an FFC membership plan)

    To sign up please join the FFC Endurance Club Membership at

    Want to learn more?

    Come out and attend a complimentary workout!

    FFC Charity Training Partners

    Bright Pink

    FFC is the official marathon training partner of Team Bright Pink. For more information on how to get involved, click here.

    Team to End Aids


    FFC is the official marathon training partner of Team to End AIDS. For more information on how to get involved, click here.

    Team Breakthrough

    ABTA-Logo-WebFFC is the official marathon training partner of Team Breakthrough. For more information on how to get involved, click here.

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