December Message From Bob Dowdy

Union Station General Manager

Union Station
General Manager

We are in the final stretch of 2013, and the holidays are upon us. With all of the entertaining, shopping, baking, and relatives, the season can be stressful. Holiday stress statistics, reported by the American Psychological Association, show that up to 69% of people are stressed by the feeling of having a “lack of time,” 69% are stressed by perceiving a “lack of money,” and 51% feel stressed over the “pressure to give or get gifts.” This year can be different!  Say no to a few invite, buy less expensive yet thoughtful gifts, and go in on gift giving with others to split the time and expense.  Exercise is the best stress reliever of all, so don’t skip the workouts!  You can enjoy the holiday to the fullest without maxing out your schedule or credit cards.

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give the greatest glow of happiness.” -Bob Hope

I wish you all a joyful holiday season.