Controlling Cravings


What I adore about being a registered dietitian is the fact that nutrition science evolves daily. I constantly learn about my passion and get to share the fascinating research in a fun way.

A common goal for many of my clients is finding ways to control a craving. Can you relate? If so, put yourself in this scenario:

You crave a little something extra after dinner, per usual, and satisfy the uber healthy way.

High five for super-food swapping! However that “snack” just added up to as many calories as a fourth meal, deterring your weight loss goals. I stumbled upon a super-intriguing research article that suggests bad belly bacteria may be to blame for your food cravings!

Here’s the deal: Bad gut bacteria affects our mood and impacts our hormones, therefore we can’t justify the fact that cravings are only a matter of self-control. Instead, cravings may be a result from the army of bad bugs in our gut!

Here’s the fix: Become a fermented foodie. Boost your beneficial bacteria army so you can overcome the “bad guys” and conquer cravings for good. Add a daily dose of probiotic powerhouses with the inspiration below:

  • Make coconut yogurt (fermented coconut milk) the base of a breakfast parfait. Layer with oats, berries & nuts.
  • Top cooked grains with a dollop of Kimchi (fermented cabbage) & a fried egg.
  • Celebrate happy hour kombucha (fermented tea) style.
  • To spruce up salads, add a miso (fermented soybeans) tahini dressing. Simply mix miso paste with tahini and warm water.

Blog courtesy of Fitness Formula Clubs Registered Dietitian Jessica Dogert RD, LDN, CPT. Contact Jessica at