FFC presents its Endurance Trainer Center at FFC Lincoln Park – featuring CompuTrainer workouts.

What is CompuTrainer Indoor Cycling?

A CompuTrainer is a premier indoor bike trainer with a precision ergometer measuring power wattage, heart rate and cadence. It’s what professional and avid triathletes and cyclists use to train hard and increase their fitness while riding indoors on their own bike.

At FFC’s Chicago CompuTrainer Studio, you’ll bring in your own bike (road or triathlon bikes preferred) and first test your cycling fitness in a group setting with up to 16 athletes to determine your “functional threshold power” (FTP). Each week thereafter, you’ll get custom-tailored intensity workouts and virtual rides that will quickly improve your cycling fitness, endurance and explosive power while burning up to 1,000 calories per hour!

You can also experience simulated bike routes of any bike course in the world, including famous triathlon and Iron-distance events, or challenging climbs of the Tour De France. These training programs are a “must do” for anyone working towards a century bike ride, triathlon, or looking to improve their overall aerobic fitness while enjoying a fun group setting!

Avoid the crowded lake front bike path, turbulent Chicago weather, long drives to the suburbs and train with power at FFC!

CompuTrainer Programs & Services

FFC Endurance Membership - TriMonster Unlimited

Experience all that our USAT Performance Center has to offer!

This is what happens when you combine Chicago’s best-rated gym with Chicago’s first and only nationally-recognized USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center and add a little TriMonster fun to stir it up! FFC and TriMonster have long been industry leaders in pioneering the endurance market and today we unveil … TriMonster Unlimited!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete training for your first triathlon, a full Ironman, a marathon, a century bike ride, bike race, learning to swim (faster), qualifying for nationals, looking to get into the latest High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to improve your fitness, or all of the above, enroll today. The membership includes:

  • CompuTrainer™ classes (one class per week + unlimited drop-ins)
  • Swim Technique classes (one class per week + unlimited drop-ins)
  • FFC Performance Training Center High Intensity Interval Training classes (unlimited)
  • Endurance Running classes (track workouts + marathon/half run training)

CompuTrainer™ classes and High Intensity Interval Training classes only occur at FFC Lincoln Park. Swim Technique classes are currently available at LP, US, and WL.

Learn more and SIGN UP TODAY at ffc.com/shop/endurance-training/ffc-endurance-membership/

POWER, ENDURANCE, and TIME TRIAL Cycling (8 weeks)

Our most popular power-based indoor cycling programs! During these 8-week classes you’ll meet once per week for 90 minutes (up to 2.5 hours in “Endurance Cycling” classes) to learn how to train using power, cadence, and heart rate in a fun group setting as you take your cycling skills and endurance to the next level with high intensity workouts that will make you sweat buckets and burn up to 1,000 calories per workout!

With custom tailored workouts that are programmed to your ability level, 5 HDTVs of cycling information and videos, and a beautiful Chicago skyline view, this cycling experience is truly something to behold. You’ll learn how to improve your pedal stroke mechanics and train like professional cyclists and triathletes do in this high-tech CompuTrainer studio – all while avoiding the crowded lake front, city streets, and inclement weather.

So come bring your own bike and burn up to 1,000 calories per workout and you’ll quickly see what real power-based cycling workouts are all about. Athletes typically see 10-15% improvement in just a few months! Visit ffc.com/computrainer for the latest schedule of classes, or contact endurance@ffc.com for more information.

Purchase online here!
• Class Reschedule Policy: You are permitted one makeup class per (8-week) session to attend another class during the same week, limited based on availability.

Single, Anytime, Performance Test, and Private Rides

Single Rides
Attend any CompuTrainer group workout!  RSVP via ffc.com/contact/endurance-rsvp for any “Power Cycling,” “Endurance Cycling,” or “Time Trial Racing” workout.  Your first session is complimentary – additional rides must be purchased online at ffc.com/shop/endurance-training/computrainer/

Anytime Ride
Do you want to ride in the CompuTrainer studio but you can’t make the regular class times? Are you cyclist looking for an intense workout or a triathlete who wants to perform a long ride on a challenging Iron-distance course? Do you want to test your pedaling efficiency with a SpinScan pedal stroke analysis while riding a 3D bike course?  Contact endurance@ffc.com with your request to schedule an appointment and purchase an “Anytime Ride” at ffc.com/shop/endurance-training/computrainer

Performance Test Rides
Functional Threshold Power (FTP) tests are performed every 1-2 months during POWER Cycling classes.  For off-schedule threshold testing please contact endurance@ffc.com to check for availability.  You may also purchase a V02 Max Test or Private Coached Endurance Sessions for more comprehensive Power Profile testing at ffc.com/shop/endurance-training/computrainer/

Private Ride – Private Coached Endurance Sessions
Do you want to perform comprehensive performance testing, get a bike fit, learn how to improve your pedal stroke, or develop cycling skills while riding alongside a USA Triathlon or USA Cycling certified coach?  Purchase a Private Coached Endurance Sessions must be purchased online at http://ffc.com/shop/endurance-training/private-coached-endurance-sessions/ and contact endurance@ffc.com to schedule a one-on-one private coached session to perform any of the following:

  • Private Basic Bike Fitting
  • Power Profile Testing w/ HR Training Zones
  • SpinScan Pedal Stroke Analysis
  • Private Anytime Ride w/ USAT coach

Group Studio Rentals

Do you want to run your own time trial competition with a group of friends or coworkers? Are you part of a cycling or triathlon club and want your own private event or weekly training sessions? Fully coached or administered private and semi-private group studio rentals are available from $150-300 per session ($10-$15 per person). Contact us at endurance@ffc.com for more information or to schedule a session.

Rear Wheel Skewers

Bikes require a special rear wheel skewer to fit on the CompuTrainer. Purchase now and the skewer will be available in the CompuTrainer Center. You can also purchase the rear wheel skewer at the FFC Lincoln Park front desk.

Bike Storage

Prefer not to carry your bike to the club each CompuTrainer Class, store your bike on-site at FFC Lincoln Park. First month storage rate will be charged up front. Participant required to bring their own lock.


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