Complimentary Nutrition Seminar

nutrition_banner (2)Keeping Your Resolutions with Mindful and Intuitive Eating

This seminar will focus on mindful and intuitive eating.  Often, busy professionals grab lunch quickly or eat at their desk and aren’t “in tune” with their eating. This 30-minute seminar will teach our members a new approach to thinking about the choices we make, how we eat our food, and the thoughts that occur during our mealtimes. Implementing these new strategies and approaches into a daily routine may be the answer to eating more healthily.

Join Registered Dietitian Christine Steinmetz, MS, RD, LDN on one of the following days and times:

  • January 7, 15, or 23:  6PM – 6:30PM
  • January 18 or 27:  12PM- 12:30PM

Contact Christine at to reserve your spot.