Class Highlights!

Spinning Interval – Mon & Wed 6:30PM-8:00PM; Thurs 5:30PM-7:00PM; Sat 8:45AM-10:15AM
Too cold to run outside? Wind chill and frozen sidewalks putting a kink in your cardio workout? Join FFC East Lakeview inside for our Spinning Interval classes. Low impact on knees and hips, these cardio classes will kick up your heart rate and make you sweat! All levels welcome. Check out Keith Kimble’s new time on Thursday nights, starting his first class at 5:30 PM. Spinning is offered almost every day with a variety of instructors… let us know what you think!

20/20/20 – Mon 5:30-6:30PM; Thurs 6:00AM-7:00AM
Need to mix up that routine? Want to get your cardio and your weight training in all at once? Check out our 20/20/20 classes on Monday nights at 5:30PM with Tayne Murphy and Thursday mornings at 6AM with Jahi Johnson. The first 20 minutes will be athletic drills and plyometrics. The next 20 minutes will test your strength and power with weight training. You will finish with 20 minutes of core work. See you in class!