Brian Cuellar

It is a rare find to meet and work with a professional in his twenties that still believes in the old work ethic and delivers outstanding service, care and personal pride like Brian Cuellar. It would be a under statement to consider this employee just excellent, for he develops and nurtures a confidence and desire to succeed with his client base. There has never been a session where he didn’t deliver one hundred percent effort and work ethic!
Honestly, without my son’s constant insistence that I hire a personal trainer, I would have never had this opportunity with Brian. After just a few sessions, I realized not only the importance of regular workouts but the extraordinary health benefits. I do not believe many “Brian’s” exist.
In my journey to get healthy and loose weight, I have found my inner champion. This could not have occurred without Brian’s encouragement, constant motivation, excellent communication skills and outstanding dedication to his clients and their progress. I felt his passion for my success. He accomplished incredible progress over the four months I have been with him.
It scares me to think that it took my son to force me into something that was life saving, life changing. One session with Brian and you’ve experienced a resurrection. Vince Lombardi once said, “It is through effort and hard work that leaders are made.” I’ve had the good fortune to be blessed with an outstanding leader in the health and fitness industry arena. He comes with a caring mission filled with utter commitment and concern and his clients leave feeling the results that only a person with this work ethic could achieve…