Become a Pilates Instructor! Pilates Mat & Full Studio Apparatus Training Programs Now Open

Continue your fitness and wellness education and learn to be a Pilates instructor with our Classical Pilates Formula at FFC program.

We are now offering two versions, both Pilates Mat and full studio apparatus training. Registration is now open for our fall program; classes begin September 15, 2017. For a full schedule, more information and to register, visit

Have questions or not quite sure what to expect? Check out this recent blog post:

6 Other FAQ To Check Out 

You can also check out these other 6 commonly asked questions for more information to consider when signing up!

#1 Do you want to teach Mat Pilates or on the apparatus?

There are 2 main types of programs to consider; Pilates Mat, or Comprehensive. Pilates Mat is only the Mat exercises, and Comprehensive includes the machines that are found in a Pilates studio. Usually Comprehensive Pilates programs will include a series of set class times and seminar hours and tests as well as a bunch of apprentice hours that you’ll need to complete outside of the scheduled hours.

#2 What is included in the cost?

Is the listed price inclusive of everything required, or are there additional expenses.  Make sure you ask about any training materials, like manuals, supplementary books, or equipment. Class time, program tests, uniforms and also many programs require weekly private and or group training sessions that are paid for separately. Also, important to consider: is there a cost associated with practicing or student teaching in the studio?

#3 What are the schedule and total hour requirements like?

What is the time commitment of this program? How many hours per week are required? If it is an intensive or at an accelerated pace, more hours will be necessary than if the program is broken down and more spread out. In completing the required hours, some programs require location in training classroom/studio where others allow multiple studios and instructors for observation and practice, and even some online!

#4 Will I be able to find a job as a Pilates trainer?

Many programs offer auditions throughout the program to start working as a Pilates apprentice in the studio; this usually implies independent contract work or temporary employment to gain hours throughout your program. You might decide that you like your program and studio environment so much and want to work full time right away.

#5 Does this method work for me?

Talk to the program director. Take a session with the program director and the lead teacher trainer to be sure that this is a good fit for your learning style.  

#6 Is this trainer right for me?

Do we work well together?  Is the teacher knowledgeable?  Is she/ he inspiring and motivating? Will I feel proud to have a certificate from this program? During a teacher training program an apprentice will spend many hours with the teacher, it it critical that there is a good trust established that it is a good fit.