Are You Down to Bear Down? Boot Camp Series – September – December

Join us with FFC trainer Tyler Sutphen for some friendly competition during the Are You Down to Bear Down? boot camp competition! For $49, you’ll get one bootcamp per week from September – December 10, plus a complimentary assessment (which includes an FMS screen, weigh-in and strength assessments).

Compete during the competition with lifts (Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift, at a 3 rep max) – whoever has the highest total strength (sum of all 3 rep max) to body weight ratio wins a pair (2 ) of Fifty Yard Line Bears tickets to the Sunday, December 24 home game at Soldier Field!*

For more information and any questions, email Tyler at!

*to qualify to win, participants must purchase some type of training package over the duration of the competition