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Tyler Tureck

Would like to give a shout out to all the FFC staff for always creating an exceptional experience. From the moment I enter, everyone is super friendly and eager to help out. Not to mention, they put up with my humor and quirkiness. Secondly, Tyler Tureck is an absolute ROCKSTAR trainer. I’m always blown away […]

FFC East Lakeview

I love FFC East Lake View, everything about this gym makes me want to come workout every week! The personal trainers/class teachers are so positive and always full of motivation! The facilities are always taken care of and very clean!

FFC Old Town Performance Training Center

The classes are a primary attraction for me; there is a wealth of them. Also as a member of the Performance Training Program, a fairly recent and excellent addition, I am progressing even faster than with classes and a once-a-week session with a trainer. FFC remains a rock for me as preparation for 5-hour operas […]

Bianca Berger

Bianca’s chisel class is the best out of all of the FFC chisel classes. I go to the old town location specifically for her class. Great work Bianca Berger!!

Jameela Chaudhry

As a a mom of young kids, I needed a gym where my children would be safe so I could be at peace. I didn’t think any gym would meet my standards, but when I saw the FFC Kids Club at Lincoln Park, I was impressed with the space, professionalism, and security. Now when I […]

Jerrold Beach

I was surprised at how much I could get out of these personal training sessions despite being relatively experienced at working out. Jerrold heard my goals and had me try movements in a different way that felt good and that I felt I could incorporate into my own workouts – my original goal for signing […]

Alicia Huggler

After a serious knee injury, I have been sidelined & I’m unable to ambulate without assistive devices. My weight had skyrocketed to a unhealthy 195 lbs & being 5’6” on a good hair day, that wasn’t healthy. I tried on my own to shed the excess lbs and I did manage to lose about 20 […]

Jessica Frank

Every session with Jessica was great! She really listened and helped me achieve my goals at FFC and beyond that. There is nothing more encouraging than your trainer being an active supporter in your weight loss journey.

Vince Schiano, Christine McCary, Pedja Ristic, Joe Dankowski, and Jen Dahl

Love, love, love the staff at FFC East Lakeview, the front desk, group fitness instructors and personal trainers. The group fitness instructors are awesome and offer exciting and challenging classes with some of my favorite instructor being Vince Schiano, Christine McCary and Jen Dahl. I workout with two of the best personal trainers as well, […]

Mike Barajas

Mike Barajas was exceptional. I have worked with trainers before but he specifically has catered to my goals instead of the normal activities just to get it done.

Jennifer Dahl

#ffcfitfamily I discovered Zumba and Werq at FFC East Lakeview about 3 years ago. I had put on a bunch of weight and wanted to exercise more, but couldn’t bring myself to hit the treadmill or the elliptical. Dance fitness helped me not only lose 15 lb’s, but meet new amazing friends, allows me to […]

Javier Gutierrez

I wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone at FFC for my gym experience to date. In particular, I wanted to give my appreciation to my trainer, Javier Gutierrez. It’s not an overstatement to say that he has really changed my life for the better. I’m sure he’d be an excellent trainer under […]

Javier Gutierrez

I just wanted to send a testimonial regarding working with your personal trainer Javier Gutierrez. My husband and I have been working out with Javier for just about a year now at FFC. We love his approach to fitness and really enjoy the variety in his training sessions. Our work outs are always very challenging […]

Mario Colao

On today’s date a realized I left my eyeglasses in locker 502 this afternoon, I called the desk and Mario answered, he heard my story, telling me he would go look and call me back, he found my eyewear and called me back telling me they would be secured at front desk until I could […]

FFC Halsted & Belmont

As always I just want to point out the continued good work Kevin an his staff does. As some highlights Cole Cary in personal training, David Bohn in group fitness as well as Lois Miller and specifically the front desk team. Cole has been my personal trainer for over 2 years and continues to keep […]

Ogarita Luengas

Ogarita is always very kind and goes out of her way to greet people. She’s a wonderful and unexpectedly nice interaction during my gym experience!

Jessica Frank

Over the past year I have been working with Trainer Jessica Frank. She is an amazing coach! She has helped me not only in the gym but with my diet as well. Because of this wholesome approach I have lost 30 lbs, 5% body fat, and reduced my BMI by 3%. I am so much […]

Sophie Helmsham

Sophie at the front was incredibly helpful in getting me started when I first signed up, had helped me immensely with inviting friends, and had shown a personal concern for my fitness results. She had been exemplary!

141 Jackson Fitness Center

FFC membership = inspiration & life changing When I 1st joined the gym in 11-16-2016 I was excited because it was my birthday and I wanted to turn my life around. It wasn’t until Jan 17, 2017 that I actually attended the gym because complications with a herniated disc, weight and this voice in my […]

Jessica Frank

I wanted to thank FFC and especially my trainer Jessica Frank for putting so much effort and effective guidance in my Pilates training sessions. When I joined FFC, I was in a mess and had issues with my leg balance and strength and range of motion of my entire body. I was constantly always afraid […]


My FFC membership means a lot to me. It opens the door for me to a healthier world, brings me with self-confidence and what’s more, a sense of belongging to the city. Knowing there is always a place to go and relax after one day’s busy work is a huge relieve for me.

Kyle Pecka

I’ve been working with Kyle as my PT for almost a year, and I am so much stronger, with better posture, and in so much better shape than when I walked in the door. I had gotten completely out of shape (a dangerous thing for someone middle-aged) and Kyle has taken the time to create […]

Kyle Pecka

I have been going to Kyle Pecka for my personal training for over a year and I can tell you that he is dedicated to making sure his clients get results. Kyle makes the sessions go by quickly through mixing up exercises. He is a good dude that knows how to put a personalize work […]

Kyle Pecka

I just wanted to submit my compliments of Kyle Pecka, a trainer with whom I’ve worked for years. Kyle is great. He cares about his clients’ health and progress, caters his schedule to their needs, and adjusts his training style based on what clients want. He also is knowledgable and clearly keeps safety first in […]

Nathan Spring

Nathan’s great! I’m new to this entire experience and he’s made me feel very comfortable and is super knowledgeable!

Nathan Spring

Thank you Nathan! Nathan made me feel comfortable with him, with the place, with the machines, and with the exercises, even though I was very new to working out and to the gym environment. (The last time I was in a gym or locker room was in high school – and that was a negative […]

Shay Wilson

I’m so happy that Joe referred me to Shay for personal training sessions. She has made me love to workout again. For the longest time I have dreaded going to the gym and would just stick to the treadmill or take some yoga classes. Shay has really showed me how to properly use gym equipment […]

Jessica Frank

I wanted to thank FFC and especially my trainer Jessica Frank for putting so much effort and effective guidance in my Pilates training sessions. When I joined FFC, I was in a mess and had issues with my leg balance and strength and range of motion of my entire body. I was constantly always afraid […]

Ellyse Kummer & David Bohn

I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone at FFC. I joined FFC West Loop last December, and although I still need to continue pushing myself to achieve my personal goals, I can already say that I feel so much better after these first 5 months. I want to specially thank David […]

Hannah Ferris

I joined FFC Gold Coast in late November 2016 and wanted to share how happy I am with the decision I made. Your employee, personal trainer Hannah Ferris, is one of the main reasons I am so happy I joined FFC. After being frustrated with the small gym in my building I decided I needed […]

Deirdre Smith

I can’t say enough about Deirdre as a personal trainer. I have been seeing her now for two months and cannot wait for many more months to come. She has become my biggest cheer leader, the person who pushes me to the edge each and every moment and the voice reminding me “I can do […]

FFC West Loop

I couldn’t really say better things about the overall experience I have had at the gym thus far. I have only been a member for about a month, but I really enjoyed the 4 personal training classes and the other perks they give you when you first join. They truly seem invested in helping you […]

FFC East Lakeview

I just wanted to reach out to say that I am absolutely loving my membership at FFC, and that Lea has especially made my time at FFC amazing! When I first joined, Norma, who is absolutely lovely, helped to sign me up. I was mostly joining because I was going through a bad breakup and […]

Juana and the South Loop Staff

The staff is amazing especially Jauna the babysitter- she takes the best care of our children. It’s safe. I feel safe and respected in this gym. It’s clean. I see the cleaning ladies working tirelessly to keep the locker room clean. For people who work out every day it’s a real exercise community not just […]

John Malinak

I recently attended some training sessions at FFC Westloop with John Malinak. I had not worked out in the past year and was very low on energy and stamina. He assessed my activity level and built a routine customized for me. I saw results within just 4 sessions. I was lifting 3 times the weight […]

Jessica Frank

For almost 2 years I’ve been working with trainer Jessica Frank and I’ve DEFINITELY gotten some amazing results that I never dreamed were even possible. My initial weight loss goal was 10 pounds. I knew I needed to lose closer to 20 but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. Well…after working with […]

FFC Halsted & Belmont

I love this gym. It’s clean and has everything I need. Everyone is friendly and the kids club staff are great, especially Yolanda who really goes above and beyond for my daughter. Jasmine and Kahari are great too.

FFC Gold Coast

I would recommend highly because I get a lot out of the facility. Variety of equipment, spacious, cleanliness, and professional manner displayed by the staff and trainers.