Member of the Month


Congratulations to Lora LaPratt, CEO and Head Personal Stylist of Shopping Girl XOXO, for being chosen as April’s Member of the Month! We wanted to know a little more about Lora, who is also a Board Member of the Central Lakeview Merchants Association, and graduated from both Western Michigan University and Ashworth University, so we asked her the following questions.

Why do you train:
I work out because it makes me feel good! I pride my business on helping my clients to feel amazing about themselves, and to do this I find it important to follow my own advice. Self confidence is a huge factor in looking and, most importantly, FEELING amazing in fashion, and working out on a regular basis is my key to feeling good each day.

What is your health goal for 2015?
Working out on a regular basis has never been my biggest issue, especially with all of the awesome classes at FFC. My goal for 2015 is to work on healthier eating habits, which can be hard with the amount of networking and social events I attend for my business

Is there a charity organization you support?
I support many different charities! My business, Shopping Girl XOXO, donates to silent auctions throughout the Chicagoland area on a regular basis. Make a Wish Foundation, Animal Cruelty Society and mental health awareness organizations are a few that are near and dear to my heart. There are so many charities making such a great impact, I never turn down an opportunity to give back.

What is necessary to have in your gym bag?
Luckily I live right around the corner, so I always wear my gym clothes to and from the gym.  The two major essentials I always have in my gym bag are simple: head phones and my water bottle!  As long as I’m hydrated and listening to Ke$ha (we all have our guilty pleasures ), I’m good to go!