In September, fall whistles in, and the outdoors greet us with a vibrant rainbow of colors.  It is definitely my favorite season of all.  As the leaves turn orange and gold, I think of all the changes and choices I have made thus far in my life and those still to come.  Fall reminds me to slow down and take a moment to reflect.  Time brushes by us as we rush back and forth across the streets of our busy lives.  This year, why not stop for a moment, embrace the evolving season and open your mind to the changes in your own life? What are you most and least proud of?  What changes did you want to make, and which ones did you have to make?  What would you like to change moving forward?  Take time for that mental exhale and reevaluate what’s important.  By recharging, you open yourself to becoming the best that you can be.

Hope to see you soon at FFC Old Town!